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Monday, 21 December 2009

The cousin's big day :')

The long awaited day came finally. Yanti looked fabulous as she was in her other 3 functions. Her wedding was ever more beautiful with the two little flower girls who are her very own nieces. Everyone loved both cute girls in purple that day. They were supposed to make their entrance with the couple in the Berambil-ambilan function that night but they refused to wait that long hehehee :P They even demanded for make-ups! So melatinggg!!

Farisha: she's 4 and already knows what a mascara is :P
Baby Amanina, Farisha's sister. She demanded to be the flower girl on the day of the wedding instead of at night during the Berambil-ambilan. Her reason: to show off her pretty gown and veil to her cousins who couldn't come to the night function hehheee :P
The bride with the flower girls
With friends and me :)
Lovely couple aren't they! :')
With uncles
With aunties
With female cousins
With male cousins
With our eldest aunts and uncles
With families from Labuan
With cousins
Us :)

The Berambil-ambilan took place the night of the wedding day. This is when the groom's close relatives came to the bride's (the groom stayed at the bride's after the wedding) and brought in many gifts, usually groceries. The old times included mattresses, pillows and such. Nowadays, it's been made simpler. The night was merrier with karaoke-ing and lucky draws, apart from lots and lots of makan-makan :P I went home right after the couple left their table while the rest of the families chose to stay till 2am. Mom sponsored the karaoke-ing gifts. She spent quite a lot I must say but sorry, I couldn't stay up late. It had been a very very long day.

Getting ready for the night's function
The couple with the groom's families :)*hugs* :')The cake. Pretty and smells good too! ;)
The groceries given by the groom's families :)
Cutting the cake: "Allah selamat kan kamu~~" :D
With my sister and me

To the couple, congratulations again. I know I've said this over and over but I wish I could find better words than simply say, "I am happy for you both!" Well I guess, that's the best I could come up with ;)

I love you Yanti! And Rahim ... your job is to love her MORE! ;)

PS: Sharul came late for the wedding yesterday as he had to attend his friend's wedding too. Everyone was asking about him now that all know when our engagement is gonna be. They want to see who my fiance-to-be since Sharul is almost never around during my family gathering. When he arrived, all eyes were at him. And there he was all blusing! Heheheee :P

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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