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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The day it's 40% done!

So, just an update of the resumed plan ;) It's successfully done yeay! And the kain for my baju for the function next month is now with the tailor. I left it all to her to design (am so NOT into fashion so I only have her to depend on huhu~~ all this time I only cut a very gabah-gabah baju kurung so .. go figure!).

The kain is like what I wanted: grey silk base and light blue organza with darker blue flowers. Yanti was there helping me (thanks kazen kamiii mwahh!!) and both materials cost me $110. So it's not bad :) I am even happier knowing that the cost for making the baju is only $45. So altogether it's $155. Just $5 more than the cost of renting a baju, I get to keep this baju that I made. Woot woot! :D Hopefully it'd look nice on me, considering how B-I-G I am huhu~~ I should lose weight. Fast!!

Sharul and I this evening also sat down and talked with his parents about our engagement plan. To our surprise, his mom had actually told her side of extended families of our nikah and wedding dates! According to her, the dates should be booked so the others in the families would not hold any weddings whatsoever on the same dates that we have in our calendar. I'm impressed I must say, and there we were unaware of their unexpected actions. As for my side, my uncles and aunts have been informed of the function. The trouble is that most of them are gonna celebrate new year at the Empire Hotel. So they have to check out by mid day the next day. Sorry to cut their excitement half way but I am not backing off this time hehehh ;P

Taraaa~~ What do you think?? Would I look good in this?? Yes?? No?? huhu~~
I have lost a few inches (yeay!) but I need to lose more weight! I've 10 more months for my actual big day aiyoo~~
*Do not, I repeat, do NOT check the measurements*

Next in the list are uncountable .. I have them all in the head. Just don't wanna really get into it just yet coz I am in the middle of doing something else at the moment: applying for pursuing my postgraduate course. It's something that I have just decided to do so recently .. last night actually. I'm not hoping so much to get it but it's worth trying. This is because a friend finally got it after 5 years of applications and she's pretty good, while I am just .. you know *bleurghh*

I guess it's about time to start trying anyway. I've gotta think of my future. Well, not actually for mine, but for my unborn children, now that I am starting to take a big step in the many stages of my life. I am gonna sit for my IELTS exam on 29th and 30th January (which costs me $285 erk!!). I was told by a counselor I seeked help from this morning that my A1 English O'Level is no longer valid (damn it!), so that doesn't leave me enough choice right pfft! After getting some advice today, I have a bit of an idea of what I am gonna do for my Master.

Then again, I've to study for my General Order and Finance Regulation papers, which I'm gonna sit on this coming 16th and 23rd. Without passing both, for sure I can NOT get the scholarship. And I haven't started studying yet! Yikes!

Suzi, get on your butt now and get on with it!

Tomorrow, I've to see HL for a reference letter (I hope she's okay with it) and the second person is yet to be decided. The crazy thought is .. I am actually thinking of asking my ex boss (who kicked me out) to do me the favour. Dunno why I thought of him at first hand but .. well, we'll see! At least, I still remember we used to work professionally well before. Just hope that he still does *sigh*

PS: Today was better with a two-hour gathering where Ain introduced her little angel, Baby Alyssa. Unplanned, we all bought the little one presents. I bought her a pink Disney t-shirt with hood (with the cartoon character on its top) and pants. Little Alyssa is so adorable! She has big eyes that nobody could ever tell that she's actually half Chinese :D

So attached with her mummy :)
Baby Alyssa admiring the gift I bought her :) She loves it pink too!
Told ya she has big eyes! Macam bukan anak Cina banarrr!
Us today. The rest couldn't make it. It's very nice to finally see both mummy and baby after almost a year not meeting each other :)


Anonymous said...

Assalamualikum Suzi,
Wah.. bnyk stuff aku miss... :D I'm happy to know that u kan kawin!!..Tahniah dear... upload saja ur pics ok... :)

Syair :)

Suzila A said...

waalaikummussalaam :)

hi Syair :) where have you been? how are you? :)

thanks. yea, kinda fast pulang since i just got the green light like .. few days ago. so everything is under control, for now. kinda worried jua.. mcm something is missing..

nice to hear from you again. sure will upload pixies of the day heee :D

Princess Gizmo said...

Salam ling. Hehehe excited udah ni kan kawin :P

Mau petua??Uwakakaka belabih aku ahh baru jua 2 thn kawin akekekeke...

BTW I DIDN'T check the measurement :P banar but i did check the quote 'Do Not, I repeat, do NOT check the measurements' which made me laugh out loud!! You ahhh never fail to make me laugh!! :D

Suzila A said...

salaam to you too darl~ :)

if i were to ask for petua, mesti in a way tanya pasal colours selection and hantaran decos, since that's your expertise ;)

heee :D i doubt it! mesti kau check tu! akekekee :P miss u daleng!! i was driving yesterday and i asked myself: behapa ku last year at this time ahh? then i suddenly remembered our kampong ayer trip with your hubby and rena. rindu jua ku kan kau tu danggg~~

kiss kiss for your chubby baby sarah :)

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