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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The recalling

Okay .. This sentence came out after minutes of thinking. 2009 .. Only one thing came to mind now. Agony. Yes. That feeling haunted me all year through in 2009. It was the only year that I wrote less than I used to. The only year that I found writing incomparable to the pain I had gone through this year.

Recalling back, as far as myself is concerned, I did my very best career wise, yet there were a few parties that were somehow against me. No explanation I could find to why they reacted as such but dear friends had always consoled me by saying 'jealousy' as the main reason. You know what .. deep inside, I don't feel so. Because I am just being me, have always been, and I do what I gotta do. You can say I am the 'robot' of my very own career. They say this, I won't say that. I know who I am. I am just a civil servant who's trying to make ends meet. Above all. I am a nobody who is so much looking forward to a happy working environment, with no drama, no politics, no bullshits. Just work.

I am happier in the new workplace, but everybody needs time to settle down and get to know everybody well. Misunderstanding happened a lot this year that it's just turning the friendly place dull. Networking online had also caused troubles at work. Really, I don't have time to entertain such wasted childish acts. And I thought everybody was wishing for a freedom of speech! Enough said ..

And so .. work wise, 2009 sucks! Hence, this whole backstabbing and bitching gossips had somehow affected my relationship with Sharul. I think he's had enough of me complaining about work that he'd responded with just one word to my hundreds of miles of complaints: "Hmmm.." Damn it! It's not even a word! But I understand. He's got his own problems at work too so I got my sweet revenge by just pretending to listen to his lengthy complaints. Sometimes I annoyed him when I kept asking who was who in his complaints and he'd just show that annoyed face. Kesian my sayang .. Sorry baby. I will try to be your best listener in 2010 okay. Promise!

Financially, I suck too! Well, that had to go back to my feeling of annoyance over my dissatisfaction and injustice treatments I got at work. With these imbalanced hormones that I am having, spending and eating and spending and eating were all I had been doing when I was down. But I am glad for having dear friends around who were always free to accompany me burn back those calories I had added into my forever bulging tummy! You know who you are and girls, let's do more hiking and sweating in 2010!! :D

In less than an hour, it will be 2010. I am not setting any resolutions like I used to do before. I've got other things to worry about all year through (starting tomorrow). But I still have hopes and dreams. I just wish my plans will get on well for good. I don't want another 2009 in the rest of my life history.

Happy new year people! I honestly can't wait to wave 2009 goodbye. Welcome 2010!! May you bring multiple happiness to us all!! :)

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