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Thursday, 17 December 2009

The revision of exam no 2

Yesterday's exam was okay and I think I made it this time (don't quote me. I might fail again huhu). I managed to answer the questions, though some sounded lame and some might be wrongly answered. Well anyway, it's over. I think the results gonna be out some time in February. God, let me pass the papers!

The next exam is on 23rd. In 30 minutes, I'll be at Louie's revising the notes. This time it's more likely with numbers and facts, which I am so bad in memorising :( I can feel my head exploding soon!

Anyway, tonight at Yanti is gonna berjemaah prayers to celebrate Ma'al Hijrah. Tomorrow is her Berbedak Ceremony then her Bersanding on Sunday. Maya texted me last night (when I was asleep. I must've had a deep sleep coz I didn't hear the text coming), asking for a portrait with Baby Sarah. It's cute when she texted on behalf of her little one saying:

"Dear my 3 Godmothers, when we can get together to take picture? Are you okay during this weekend? We'll take portraits together with my mummy while daddy is my photographer. Are you game?"

Now the last sentence sounds more like Maya hehehehe :D

Hopefully they are fine with Saturday coz that's the only time I'm free. Can't wait to see chubby Baby Sarah! :)

PS: I uploaded pictures of me and Sharul on Facebook. I think it's about time to introduce him to all my friends out there (in Facebook) since our engagement is in two weeks time. Besides, Sharul needs to change his profile picture! He's been putting up his "little boyish look" photo since he opened his account. Even his sister was annoyed ehhehehee :P Anyway, I changed my profile picture too today :)

Justify FullAnd people thought it's our pre-wedding shot! Heeee :P


Princess Gizmo said...

Wow you look stunning in the pic! ;) keep up the good work darl!! Mudahan sampai ur aim :)

P/s:hahahahaha :P it was Sarah tu yg last one atu not me :D

Suzila A said...

thanks babe! get what u mean ;) workin on it still *while munching on kueh bahulu labuan* hehehe :P

can't wait to hold baby sarah tomorrow :D

Edublend said...

Look at a new resource that I have launched for those revising

I blogged about it on my blog

Suzila A said...

thanks pal! :)

Anonymous said...

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Suzila A said...

hi anonymous. i write what i feel like writing or sharing. just being me here so all words flow as my fingers are typing them out. keep visiting and i hope you enjoy reading my humble page here :)

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