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Monday, 14 December 2009

The hope it's done by today!

Gonna leave the house soon. I've done most of the parts I should, now left with making copies of the forms and such. It was supposed to be all done by last Saturday but what do I know! Didn't expect I should make my OWN strengths and such pfftt!! I can't do that! CANNOT!

Thanks to Raheemah for helping me writing down my contributions, strengths bla bla bla.. I can't write down everything about me in those pieces of papers. I know I should be selling my self to get the scholarship but .. nope! Can't do! Thanks again Rem!

And thanks also for the food, the time, the Big Bang Theory sessions (hehe), the movies, and thanks soooo much for arranging every form for me. You know that's my major weakness: organising stuff till it's perfect.

Thank you thank you thank you! Will belanja you the Ambuyat Goreng soon ya. For the moment, drool on this babe! ;)

Nyum nyum!!! :P

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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