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Friday, 11 December 2009

The day she's officially his :')

It's Yanti's nikah ceremony today :') I am happy for her. So happy. Congratulations kazen kami! I pray that your marriage lasts and I am sure he will make you the happiest woman on earth :') I love you kazen kami *big big hugs*

The bride getting ready for the big day *dup dap dup dap* ;)
Yanti with her close friends
The bride before the 'akad nikah' :)
Soon after the 'akad nikah' alhamdulillah. At one breath, she's his :')
Me and the bride :')
The couple with our aunts
I am so happy for you both :')
The hantarans from the bride designed by the bride and me ;)
Yanti with her new family :')
The couple with Yanti's parents
Taking a pose with the 'tanda kasih' gift from the groom *phew!!*Menepung tawar the newly-weds :)
Aaminn ya rabbal 'aalaminn... :')


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures ting.... mwahs mwahs!! aku kan liat pictures ani..coz tadi nijam nada gambar aku. I love the makeup. Booking tia dear untuk ur wedding. Can't believe am married now hehehee. Alhamdullilah ..

Suzila A said...

I KNOW! You look fab!! Am gonna book her too ;) Dorang amit yah pun bising tadi suruh aku book feeza ahh hehe.. Now aku yang dup dap dup dap :P

Yes, can't believe you're married now! So happy for you mwahhhs!! :')

Am uploading today's pix on Fb. Will tag you soon ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Congratulations to Suzie's cuzen.. Bah Suzie apa lagi? ;)

Suzila A said...

thanks babe. ain't she pretty! :) ada bunyi nya nanti tu!

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