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Saturday, 5 December 2009

The kitty's treatment

I took Fluffy to the Angel vet at 10am. We were the first that morning (it opens at 10am daily). It's the nearest vet and we happened to send Prince Whiny there too last time. The ex owner also once told us that Fluffy's parents and litter-mate were sent there too for treatments.

Fluffy's temperature was 39.9 and her weight was 2.36kg. She had to take a shot to lower her fever and took some pills. She has to take antibiotics and vitamins to boost up her immune system. The doc said she might not have taken her vaccinated shot or else she wouldn't have had the fever so high. So I guess, the shots she got two months back were just to treat the ringworm she had .. So we've gotta take her to the vet again for the shot. Might cost us $70 for a full vaccinatated shot package or another which will cost us $40. Prince Whiny will have to take the shot too.

So for now, Fluffy is under medication. She won't take her shower for at least 2 weeks, which I think she'll be happy to pfft! She's with Sharul tonight. When I left, she refused to eat anything. Her cooked chicken meat was untouched. Prince Whiny ate half of it instead so it's not the meat. It's Fluffy unwilling to eat. But she drinks lots of water today, which is a good sign at least.

Before leaving, I requested the doc to check Fluffy's gums, just to make sure she doesn't have the ulcers, which she doesn't thank God! The red dots I found on the gums were actually the effects from the dry food she's been eating. They're hard so it leaves sort of scars on the gums. So he requested me to prepare wet food for Fluffy occasionally.

Here I upload pictures of her at the vet, and after the treatment. She looks weak yeah .. Kesian ...
She was leaning against me the whole time .. scared ..
The doc taking Fluffy's temperature ..
She looked sick still after the shot .. Kesian .. :(
Fluffy in the car ..
I guess she missed her daddy coz he did! ;)
Don't we share the same button nose? ;)
Fluffy was shaking so I wrapped her with my scarf. It helped her and she seemed to love it too :)
Like mummy like kitty ;)
More poses of Fluffy with the scarf :)Sleeping on the way home .. Kesian ..

PS: Reminders!

Lessons learnt today:
1. Watery eyes is not normal for cats. This is a sign of one going feverish or having cold.
2. Other signs of cats with cold: i. they prefer being alone, ii. they find comfort in dry cold area like the toilet, iii. sneeze too often, iv. watery poo.
3. Should give cats wet food occasionally with the the dry ones to protect their gums.
4. Ulcers is fatal to cats. Signs of ulcers: reddish dots on gums and very bad breath.
5. Cats need to be groomed often to avoid loss of hair. Comb the coat everyday.
6. There are different kinds of vaccine for cats: the highest is F5 which is to prevent cats from leukemia but can be dangerous to cats with weak immune system. Normal vaccine for all cats is F1.
7. No shower for cats with cold or flu.
8. Put aside an amount of fund for any emergency case that may arise so cats can be treated without delay.
9: Careful when cutting off cats nails. Put the nails under bright light and you'll see fine lines of nail shapes within the nails. The fine lines should not be cut or cats will bleed. The fine lines are their veins.

*Sources learnt from the doc at the vet and Snow Shoe. Thanks a lot for the info! :)

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