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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Untold Story II

The sound of the bell gave a relief, at least to me. I could never make sense of numbers and today's lesson on Algebra was just making my head spinning around in circles. No ends met.

I managed slotting into the crowds of hungry teens in the cafeteria. The new caterer was unlike the previous ones. Never in my 4 years in high school I saw the kids go wild with their trays to the counter, which included me. All must agree, their Spaghetti Bolognaise was the best. Even my mum couldn't beat them.

I always had a table all by myself. Some called me a loner but I wasn't. I had my bunch of friends but they knew when it came to meals, I preferred to be alone. My so-called table was at the far end of the cafeteria, near the fountain, also one of the six exit doors available there. I'd say, it was just the perfect spot.

Today, as I walked with my tray in both hands to the table, I saw a figure. I didn't see his face but the colour of the shirt had me gasping.

There, a few meters away from where I stood was him.

I kept walking and as I stopped, he looked up from the paper he was writing something on. I was sure my look at him was unfriendly, but a smile crept on his flawless face as soon as those same brown eyes set on me.

"You're at my table," I sternly warned him. I could be very rude when it came to my table.
"Your table?" he answered. His tone sounded cheeky that ended with a soft chuckle. I raised an eyebrow, a reflect action whenever I was annoyed. I just stood frozen, waiting for him to leave as there had always been only one chair at my table.

He didn't make a move. Not an inch. I was sure my face had turned red by now, even redder when I saw him still having that smile on his face. Ignoring me, his stare moved to the tray in my hands. In a split second, it was in front of him.

There, at my table, he, whoever he was, was cleaning my tray of Spaghetti in no time. I clenched my teeth controlling my anger.

"Burrrrpp!!" and with that, he took my napkin and wiped his mouth clean. My hill-like Spaghetti then was no longer in sight.
"This is what I'm talking about! THIS is food!!" he continued, pointing at the empty tray. My empty tray. "Thank you," he said again. His lips crooked a smile once more, sending satisfaction in his tone this time.

Infuriated, I stormed out of the cafeteria. I felt nothing but anger. And the gurgling sound of my tummy.

Untold Story I

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