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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Untold Story I

That day was the day when all went wrong.

I woke up late to school only to find my alarm clock was out of battery. Mom and dad were sound asleep in the master bedroom, though I could hear my little sister, Bethany, crying in her little room just outside mine. Still holding the unmoving hands of the alarm clock, I switched on my cell phone to check on the time. To my surprise, it was 5 minutes to 8am! I was late!! So were my parents!

I jumped off my bed, stumbled on Bethany’s toys on the corridor and stormed into my parents’ room. Soon after, all of us fought our ways into the bathrooms, after mom opening the door to our babysitter. She was an Italian, about mom’s age but with a bigger belly than my dad’s. She was soft spoken, and quiet. Maybe she was not confident enough to speak our language. As I was brushing my teeth, Bethany had stopped crying.

At school, the gate was closed. I slammed the car door shut and ran to the guard’s hut.

“Late again?” he said.
“Would you let me in?” I begged, while at the same time, I signaled my dad to drive off, sending him gestures, “I could handle it dad, so go!” He nodded and left the street.
“Not till you fill this in. You know that’s a must,” the bald, 40ish year old guard said again, shoving me the yellow form. It was to be filed into the late comers’ folder.

I entered the small hut and took out my pen. Writing down my details, I saw an inch pile of the same coloured form, arranged nicely on the table. That was the third time this month so it was all familiar to me.

As I was putting the form on the top pile, I heard voices outside. I took a peek and saw the guard talking to a boy, whom I had never seen before. I waited, till the two sensed my presence and turned to look at me.

“You done young lady?” he said.
“Yes. Could I go in now?” I replied. I noticed that the boy was checking on me. “How rude!” I said to myself.
“Wait a sec!” the guard took out a handful of metal keys from his back pocket and walked towards the gate. I followed him closely, the boy was next to me by this time.
“Is he smelling me??” I couldn’t help wondering as I could hear him breathe next to my ear! I turned around only to be face to face with those big brown eyes. For a second, my heart skipped a beat. “Beautiful eyes!” my heart echoed again.

“Hi!” he said, with a smile.
“Hello ..” I stammered. I couldn’t remember whether I was smiling or not.

For a moment, he just stood there looking at me. A tall guy yet he lowered his head to see me closely. I didn’t blink at all.

The sound of the gate creaking open had us looked away from each other. The guard let me in and held the boy behind. I walked on and looked back, only to see him smiling again and wave.

His brown eyes sent that message: “I will see you again. Soon!”


izz said... comment...hehehehe...

Suzila A said...

Hi babe! Long time no see. I guess you're in Indonesia now ya :) How's it going there? The last time I read your page it was when you got sick. Something to do with the weather there. I am still unwell, but better that before..

Hope you're doing fine now ya :)

izz said...

hi sis...i'm back already..hehe..but poor me diarrhea for a week + muntah, i feel better.. ;D

tak sempat nak cerita bout my trip tu lagi..maybe next entry..hehe..(asyik cerita love story je..;P..)

take care yaa..

Suzila A said...

Hi darl! Erk! Diarrhea? Food poisoning ker?? KEsian you ..

Hehe I did go to your page. Hope to read on your trip to Indonesia soon ya :)

Good to hear you're doing better now. Take care ya my friend :)

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