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Sunday, 30 November 2008


Just got back from the ER of RIPAS Hospital. I couldn't breathe due to continuous coughing and a moment there, I really thought 'my time' had come ...

Sharul sped up and I had myself rushed to get that oxygen support. My rib was killing me with the coughing so when I got to see the doctor, I requested for an X-ray. Lulu amd Ratna advised me to do so yesterday too. From the result, it's positive that I have lungs infection, thus triggered the asthma attack. The doctor had my blood tested and ECG, after yet another 30 minutes of oxygen support. My blood pressure was lower than yesterday, Alhamdulillah. I had to take steroids and asthma tablets on the spot too to soothe the pain in my right rib.

The doctor insisted me on taking my rest seriously, not allowing me to go to Temburong for my camp, which she stressed by saying, "I am NOT kidding!" With that, she gave me a 3-days MC, starting tomorrow. Does this mean I'm gonna miss the Opening Ceremony of my camp?? Not fair! Just NOT FAIR!!

I'll have to meet her again next week on the 6th Dec, 8am: the last day of my camp. She seriously wanted me to get checked by a specialist concerning my condition. She predicted that I am suffering from severe asthma or bronchitis.

All and all, Alhamdulillah for the time spared for me to breathe in the air again. Thank you ya Allah. Thank you ...


Aila said...

Teacher Suzi! Get well soon! I miss you tadi :( nyehe

Suzila A said...

Hi Jalila! Wish I could be there today to support u guys. I was really sick. I'll try to go to the Opening Ceremony tomorrow. I see you then ya! :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Hey dear don't push urself too much ok? Try to rest as much as possible.


ANIH said...

Hye sis~

Nah.. smpi u arh ER ani bah.. Sis.u kna postive lungs infection! bah sis plz take gud care of ur health ah.. pleasee!

Get well soon sis ah.Banyak kan berehat. Give urself a chance to breathe jua..

Do take care alwez sis!!


izz said...

yaa..take care sis..

MamaShasha said...

Hello Dear..
just checked ur blog soon as Ka Anih told me about you di ER. Lung INfection? I think you are too tired...just take a rest lah. It is true notfair for you not joining the camp...but you must think of ur health jua. k. Take a good rest and take care...Get Well Soon Dear

MamaShasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dismantled Doll said...

lungs infection...ok girl...that's serious. take good care of urself

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