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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Isn't It A Wonder?

"Life is short". That's the phrase we always hear coming out of people's mouth. Well, mine too. Some see it differently: to spend it in such ways that of course leave us to thinking. "How" is the big question here.

Sometimes, I can't stop myself from wondering what my life brings me to: will I be happy? Or will I be other wise? Even worse, will I be lonely? Or for the better? I wish for the better, who wouldn't make such wish eyh ..

I remember one encounter I had with a teen at school. He's one of those naughty ones who's always called to the Discipline Room. Somehow, he finds comfort talking to me, though to some others, I am found to be not a favourite! Well anyway, I made him talking on why is he always in trouble, why hasn't he learnt his lesson and such. Guess what his answer was: "Life is short teacher! Enjoy la!!"

Life is short, so we should enjoy it? Aaah! This comes with the phrase that I believe familiar with you all as well: "Live life the fullest." This brings back memories when I was back in Uni with Zean and our bunch of girlfriends. "Life life the fullest" was our theme but that didn't last long. It just didn't work for us. No questions asked!

Back to the topic. When I am sitting down and have myself thinking, the same questions hit me and looking at those around me, faces of my loved ones: my parents and my siblings, will I be able to see those laughters for long? Will my life be shortened? If any of them is taken away from me, how will I take it? Will I be able to??

This is not fear. This is me wondering. The time will come, yes. We all know that. The question is, "how" will I handle it? "How" will I survive without them? Or "how" will they move on without me??

Lame questions they may seem but lately, I can't help as my head's flowing with the thought.


Anonymous said...

wooh u freak me out 4 a moment there!!! but thinking as such is ok jua cos ada baiknya jua mengingati ajal as it makes us aware of all the mischiefs that we had done...and makes us try to be a better Muslim & person :)

Suzila A said...

Anonymous .. Oh yes. Sometimes it makes us a better person too :) At other times, make people acting worse. Well, it depends on how we see 'it' right :)

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I freaked you out my friend. Can't help wondering there!

MamaShasha said...

Hai there...
sometimes...I gave the same thought too. Am I being to see Shasha grown up a successful or graduated person...too much thinking actually.Fuuhh...well, one day we will face death, right. Once this suddenly hit my mind, it is really freaking me out, you know.

Anonymous said... is short...but obstacles keep bugging us too so we can't really enjoy life :-p Whoever came with that "life is short so enjoy it" phrase was living in denial :-p

izz said...

iskhh iskhh...sobb sobb..
sis, sedih baca...
hemm..that's why we should appreciate everyone around us kan..esp the loved one la...n if possible never ignore them even a second (walaupun kadang2 gaduh2 sket..hehe..)..;D... tapi kadang2 hemmm susah nak cakap kan...

Suzila A said...

InsyaAllah girls. We'll be strong when the time comes.

PS: Ya Allah! I am not ready to let go ... Please Allah, give us strength, health and long life so we could bow to you longer as You have always wanted from us doing so. Truly, we are your humble servants seeking Your blessing and touch of love. Rabbana Atina Fiddunia Hassanah Wabil Akhirati Hassanah Waqina 'Azabannar ... Aminnn ...

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