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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Shoo Bad Days .. Shoo!!

I don't know how to start but I'd just be straight here: I'm feeling a bit better today, especially after getting a text telling me on the 'two friends dispute' is already settled. That is the best thing this week. I know it's only Tuesday but really guys! It feels like hell already. So yeah, they're friends still. I'm glad they could handle it wisely. Way to go girls!! Love ya! *hugs*

So now, my boring day! Feeling a bit frenzy after what happened last night, I was moody at work. Well, bit**y is the right word to describe me today. I didn't have that good sleep after the long day that I had. I was waiting for HL to drop by the office as she needed some input for the speech she's preparing for the guest of honour for the opening ceremony of my coming camping. She promised to come at after 9am, which she did but then she was gone by 10am, without sitting down and discuss on the matter. I even fell on a quick nap on my table waiting for her! Sheesh!! So, annoyed with the 'Janji Melayu', I left to the marking room. I managed to mark 15 booklets in 3 hours, being a pain in the a** when other markers were making noises in between marking. Thank God I got quite good scripts or else, someone's gotta get hurt with the mood that I was having today!

By 2.30pm, I found myself and Z, my colleague, climbing up the stairs of JIS to attend a workshop. The info that I was getting really made me sick I tell you! The new papers are just ridiculously DIFFICULT for our Malay kids. It must even be more difficult teaching them tackling the questions to pass the exam. And we're talking about those kids who had got rather bad marks in PMB, whom for some of them had only got grade 8 in English. Now they expect them to sit for THAT exam ... I can't help myself feeling annoyed.

Honestly, it's a great concern to me personally IF students lost interest in studies just because they 'feel' they couldn't pass the paper right from the start. I tell you guys! Kids nowadays are too clingy! We need to spoonfeed them to succeed. No matter what you do or how you try to help them do it their way, in the end they'll come back to you begging for help. When they feel they're too slow, it would take forever for us teachers to motivate them to study again. Now THIS is what I don't want to happen to our kids. Like it or not, that's how our kids are now. Sad huh! I just can't help being so worried about them. The paper is just ...... sigh~ What were 'they' thinking!! Nda dorang tau ka bukan sanang ngajar English ani? Especially when kanak2 sekarang ani jenis yang pemalas and payah di lantur! Ehh susah ehhh!! Mental ku cemani ani kamu! Grrr!!

So after the meeting, I took a quick rest then went off to Tungku Beach. When I feel down, I always direct myself there to just sit down and relax while viewing the sunset. The sight of it really makes me feel at ease. But, it was dark today with dark clouds blocking the wide sky. From afar I could see rain falling in some areas hundreds of kilometres away from where I was standing. I grabbed my camera and took a few snaps of the view. Sigh~ My shooting skill has gone rusty. I hadn't gone out to the beach for quite a long time. I guess since April ... Phew! Anyway, I will upload some pictures I took next time. I still need polishing anyway.

I had London Kebab for dinner then off to a movie at Qlap Mall. Aaah! You must be wondering now who I'd gone out with. Well, with my only 'Penglipur Lara Kala Duka' lerr! Who else, my Sharul laa ;) We watched Bangkok Dangerous. It was a nice movie really. We actually bought the ticket last night after dinner at Big Papa's but then I was too tired to go on watching it that we postponed it to tonight. I love the movie. It has the combination of serious comedy and thriller. I rate it 9/10. You should watch it too!

Well, basically that's my day. Am I still angry? Hmm .. We'll see! If I still can't go to bed tonight then I am! If I could hit the bed and snore all night, then I've chilled! Hmm ... Okei dowks! See you guys tomorrow! Nitey nite!!


Supermummy said...

Hi again sista,

eh awu suzi ah kanak-kanak masa ani banar tu payah di lantur haha. Yatah aku beusaha sedaya upaya biar tah bekomunikasi sama teacher nya tu So far alhamdulillah plang jua nyamu eh,if anything tarus tchr nya kol atau sms kediaku so dapat ku tarus buat apa yg patut..bad or good tu tatap jua mesti ku hadapi.

Eh lagi jua ah,nyamu drg slow atu bah maby sokongan bah kan,mun gnya di skulah membanar-banari nyuruh belajar tapi di rmh tidur saja payah jua tu..nda tau lah ah cemana,gnya klw aku yatah tu ikut-ikutan mematai..keep in touch sama guru,jan memaksa anak jua,sesekali tanya apa ploblem nya..

OK suzi atu saja dulu haha..bye mwwahhh.

Suzila A said...

HI Supermummy ... Oh yes! Antah kenapa kah ya kanak2 sekarang ani. Pemalas nya Na'uzubillah!! They're lucky we're forbidden from touching them! Cuba tah dorang idup zaman kitani ... Habis ya!!!

As for me, I won't give up teaching them until they understand what am babbling about in class. Inda faham, they know what they'll get hehehe *wicked laugh*

I respect you Supermummy! Stay that way! You see, some parents payah cooperate with us. In the end, students nda brapa blajar coz dorang biaa bedulur. Sigh~ Too bad ah ada parents yang sayang nya inda betampat. For me, anything with education ani, biar anak sakit, janji masa depan tantu :)

Aiii aku ahh! Cakap sanang! Balum kawin hahaha! Antah2 ku branak aku yang paling over!! Kekeke :P

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