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Monday, 10 November 2008

Temburong Trip Pictures




Ainn said...

hhaahaha awuu aku kirimsalam! HAHAHA eh banyak jua gambar nyaaaaaaa
di temburong ka? im going there eh. haha nda mau kalah

david santos said...

Really beautifulposting!!! Nice photos and pretty faces!!! Congratulations!!! Have a nice week!!!

mamashasha said...

wah...siuknya di temburong ah...I wish aku sana with u guys...out kan?hehe

mamashasha said...

wah...siuknya di temburong ah...I wish aku sana with u guys...out kan?hehe

izz said...

bestnyerrrrrrrrr!!!wahhh sis...;-)
seronok main air..hehee..

Suzila A said...

Great huh! The pictures are doing their job perfectly! You all should go there and breathe that fresh air! Feeling the cold rapids of the stream was just .... there's no better word to describe it!!

Just go there and experience it yourself then you'll know what I mean ;)

PS: Really the best place to release stress and tension!! At least it works to me!! :D

ANIH said...

hye darl~
nah bru ku brkesmapatn m,drop comments nah.. haha. eyh.. siuk sis trip kmu ah. happening x ah.. ada Zul-ef ah.. sent regards eyh..

lawa2 ur photos ah... aku suka kmu d,tasek ah.. hehe..

ejah139 said...

aiiii... siuk eyy mandi di wasai kh tu?? hehehe... siuk sul nya eyy!!! nantii bawa aku!! aku suka visit tempat cemanii...

Suzila A said...

Anih .. Awu! Syok brabiz! & yes. That's Zul F. We had a course together and from there we kenal & become rapat. Check out my entry on "What A Blast" here:

Zul also happens to be a close friend of my cuz Irman (the so called mcm urg putih in some of the pictures here hehe). Gila dorg dua ani nyanta! Aku apa lagi, menjadi tah lului ku hahaha! I had a blast!! :D Insya Allah nanti ku sampai kan ur salam ;)

Suzila A said...

Ejah139 ... Bukan nya wasai ling. Sungai :) Sajukkkk aing nya & very clear! You can see rocks and fish swimming about! If you sit and let the rapids hit your back, it feels like you're in a jacuzzi! Syok banar!! :D

Bah nanti ku bebunyi arah mu when I go there again k! We're gonna have a blast!! ;)

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