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Friday, 14 November 2008

Messages to All

It's 11:05pm and I just landed my b**t on my bed, going online and telling you all these details! Sheesh! Dude! My brain's soooo active yet tired! Been a long day and exhausting. To update, starting today, am gonna work 7 days a week up till my camp is over, which is 6th December. How do I feel??

WAAaaaAAaAAAAA ................... :'(

That's HOW I feel ...

Cheer me up guys! Huhu ... Let me see comments to boost up my energy and spirit to blogging here. Waaaaaaaaaa ......... Am even gonna miss blogging huhuhuhu .........

To my girls: We are sooooo gonna hang out as soon as my camp is over!! I mean it!!
To Yanti: Ting! Don't forget this 23rd at our place ah. A big day for our bro si Boy ;) Sigh~ When's our turn gonna be eyh huhu erk!!
To Mo: Dude!! Come online already!! Need my stress-management medication NOW!!
To Izz and Doll: Am gonna miss your pages!! Waaaaaa ..........
To Anih and SuperMummy: Set that date after 6th December okay! Am still ON for it!! ;)
To SBC campers: See you guys this Monday!
To BSC: Sigh~ We're gonna have an exhausting week. Be prepared!! Erk!!

Cheers! Adios! Hakuna matata! Erk! Apa kan!! Haha :P <-- Sign of mental disorder kekeke :P


izz said...

wahhhhhhh....miss ur updates too sis...hemmmm....
anyway, take good care of youself k sis...nanti bila dapat je pegang computer mesti update ok..;D

Yafii said...
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ANIH said...

hye der babe!

yeah yeah.. da most busiest n ngaleh month ah.. I understand. N apologize too for jrang drop by jua.. huhu.

So tight jua ur jadual sis ah.. Relax sis, jgn tension ayte.. hope evrythang goes well ah.. n gud luck 4 ur exam n camping and evrythang u do..

Ksian eh,, sis ku ah.. its okaiz.. wen evrythang done.. u can rehat ah, relaxing and we can jumpa2.. haha... take it easy sistah ;)..

Do take care alwez..


david santos said...

Hello, Suzila!!! Good weekend, people of the Burnei!

ygilangkankuncijamban said...

good luck and have a blast with d camping n the rest. Where do you get ur energy?

Supermummy said...

aahhh..awu set the date nya..
Ganya AMAH ku alum tah lagi tibaaaa..hehehe..tpi dont worry nanti mesti jumpa k. APa pun take care Suzi ah..senyum selalu!!

Suzila A said...

Peeps! Been so busy lately. Can't really share my days. Izz, I'll try to make entries when I could steal the time on blogging ya. Gosh! Just look at my schedule!! It's crammed with meetings and practice!! Sheehh!! :S

Girls!! We're sooooo gonna chill out after my camp is over okay!! Dude! I need to sit down and relax huhu ... I haven't got time to see a movie even!! Waaaaa ... :'(

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