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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

You For Me

You're always there when I'm in need
Always care when I'm in pain
Worried sick when I'm unfit

Serve me the love that's unmeasured
Send touches that soothe the heart

Ready to strike when I'm falling
Be my hero when I'm aching
Lend me an ear when I'm complaining
Give me a shoulder when I need to lean
Baby you and all that that you've been
Are for me the world's best medicine!


ANIH said...

so sweet~ ;)

Suzila A said...

:) Yes. It's what he's been to me all these years. A simple poem like this is nothing compared to who he is to me ..

MamaShasha said...

mm..i know what u mean ling in this poem..he is willing to do anything for you whenever yo face any difficulty with no complaining because he loves u. But I pray for that you and him will be together in the future. You never know ling..he is ur destiny..:)

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