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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Latest Me

Since my visit to the clinic few weeks ago, I have been sick with fever and coughs. And after my crazy outings on the Brunei River Night Safari Tour and the Temburong Trip with a couple of friends, I have been feeling real sick physically. I guess, I am not fit for any adventures, erk!!

Last night, the coughs had gone worse and I had to stay awake for many times to endure the pain in my chest. Earlier last night, I had muscle pain in the lower part of my right chest every time I coughed. Days before, I even had to go through muscle cramps in my tummy that attacked every time I coughed too. It was painful and I had to take a few puffs of the Ventolin to keep my breathing slower. Yes. The asthma was attacking me too :( Having my body massaged last night was not helping, though it made me feel a bit relieved.

My work is demanding too lately. Thank God Danny is there doing all the work with me or else, I'd be dead! Well, it was him who did most of the work. I am just an assistant ... I think he knows I am not fit to do all the work myself anyway.

With the coughs and wheezing, plus the lack of sleep and rest, it sure gonna kill me soon! Last night, with just a few hours of sleep as my nap was disturbed with short of breath and coughs, I dropped by the Borneo Clinic early morning today. The doctor gave me two days MC without me even asking for it. I must appear very sick to her! Even my blood pressure was high that she told me to see her again after I've gone better to have my blood pressure checked again.

Sharul was worried sick when the doctor predicted that I might be suffering from a lungs infection. She gave me the anti biotic to cure this immediately. She was sure that I would be fine as soon as I consumed all the pills she'd given me and that I'd be alright for the coming camp next week. Oh I do hope so!

Gosh! The drugs are strong!! A few minutes after taking 'em I'd go Zzzzz. So the latest me, I am feeling much much better, less wheezing and my breath is not as rapid as before. I am still tired after a few steps of walking, which causes me to cough and asthmatic but the rest in bed really made me feel better. The muscles are still aching when I cough but as the coughing is lessen, the muscle is not as painful as before too :)

I hope to get well soon. I don't wanna make a fool of myself in the camp Danny and I are handling. A camp commandant, but unfit ~ Sheeshh! That'd be the joke of the year!!

PS: As the rehearsal starts tomorrow, and with some kids haven't got transportation to go to Wasan, I have no choice but to drive them there. The other chaperons are busy with admin work, which is a priority, so that leaves me with no choice and to forget my MC after all. Sharul was upset learning this that he insisted on driving me there. It's a 30-minutes drive to Wasan and with the strong medication that I am taking, it sure gonna be risky for me to drive. Thanks baby. I love you ... :)


ANIH said...

Darls~ kna asthma attack u g kh..

ermm. mybe jua sal u na banyk rehat a2 kli jua sis ah. Meaning.. lusir sana, lusir sini ah.. non stop.. bwa berehat sis between kn membuat every tugas ah. Beath in and breath out..

Ani smpi kna ucap lungs infection. ur blood presure naik ah.. yth sis stress kaja jua tu,,

Bah.. apa2 pun.. u tc sja sis ah.. tke gud care of ur health.. ani g kn BSC camping ah..

K,,get well soon..


Suzila A said...

Thanks Anih :) Yes. I have no choice but to take care of myself for the camp!

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