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Saturday, 22 November 2008

They Should've Said So!

The day after the accident, Sharul and I went to the insurance company to claim the insurance so my car could be repaired a.s.a.p. To my surprise, they told me that I had to pay an excess for claiming the insurance for B$500!! I got the news when I was at work. Leng was with me, whom had only had to pay B$50 for her excess (she had an accident few months back). So I wondered laaa why I had to pay multiple times than Leng!!

I left the office, went to the insurance company where Sharul had already waited for me. Bla bla bla .. I finally got an answer from the guy behind the counter. Here's his explanation:

"Your car is insured but unfortunately it's not excess covered..."

So of course I asked, "What's excess? Why do I have to pay that much??"

He said, "Excess is the amount you have to pay for your car windscreen and windows, which customers usually refuse to pay, although it is only about B$70..."

Sharul cut in: "So THAT is the excess?!!"

He explained, "Yes. Many customers purchase insurance with low price, which in your case, you bought your insurance from an agent. Usually, insurance agents offer very cheap insurance cost but excluding the windscreen and windows insurance."

By this time I had gone pissed! Who wouldn't!! B$70 and B$500 is a VERY BIG GAP! It's not fair cause we just knew about this s**t at that very moment!

"We weren't told about this! I never knew about this excess thing! Nobody told me!!"

"Yes .. That's our bad. Our customer service at the counters should've explained this to you, our apology .."

Now he apologized?!! When I had to give out my B$500 out of my wallet just like that??!!! SORRY is NOT enough!! I worked for that much and now I'd to hand 'em over?? Arrrrgghhhh!!!!! :@

So peeps! Make sure you pay that insurance EXCESS. No matter how much you have to add on to the counter, just pay them! You don't wanna end up like me, MADE to pay THAT MUCH excess.

Gosh! Am so broke!!!

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