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Friday, 28 November 2008

What A Painful Day :(

Sharul and I went to fetch the Singapore flags at Singapore High Commission today at around 10am. As usual, they took our identity cards and we entered the high secured area with a pass each. I waited in the car cause I was feeling really sick. Before leaving, the security was asking when would the Singapore delegates come for the camp so we said it's this Sunday. He then moved on to saying about the activities and visits that me and my team had planned for the camp. We were surprised, and impressed, thinking that the High Commission people had done their investigations on our camp or some sort. We then left to Wasan for the rehearsal, picking up some of the kids along the way.

The rehearsal went superb, with me doing very little cause today I was feeling really sick, especially the lower part of my right rib, which hurts every time I breathe. It has worsened since early this morning when I coughed continuously all of a sudden and with a light 'thud' sound and a sharp pain in my left rib, I have suffered with every breath that I take today. The officers and chaperons, even the kids, were really concerned about me. Sharul said that it was obvious that I was suffering from a great pain. In the end, I spent most of the time during the rehearsal as an observer.

Before leaving Wasan, we had a quick meeting on what should be done this Sunday upon the Singaporeans arrival. Danny was making a phone call and Karhan told him about us and our camp in today's Borneo Bulletin! I clicked straight away with what the security at Singapore High Commission had said to me and Sharul early this morning. Doh!! We're on today's paper!! No wonder he said about those activities and visits. What's more, Danny and I are on the paper too! So the security must have recognised my face then hehehe :P Check us out here ;)

Leaving Wasan at after 5pm, I sent off 3 kids home. By 7pm, Sharul drove me to Gadong to have my rib checked but the masseuse refused to give me any massage session as I looked pale to her and that I was having a fever. It is not a good idea to have a massage with a fever. Frustrated, Sharul insisted me to drop by the nearby Borneo Clinic.

The doctor who checked me few days ago was still working so I had myself checked. She found that my fever had lessened but the wheezing was still there. She gave me painkiller tablets to help me with the pain in my rib. Before leaving, she instructed me to see her again as my blood pressure is still high, even higher than it was a few days before. When she found out that I was going to have a week's camp, she was worried. With an MC for tomorrow, she wrote me a letter stating my unfit condition for camping and requested for light duties to be given to me throughout the camp. She even insisted me NOT to stay overnight at Wasan as this would not help me with my condition. Initially, she even tried to pull me away from joining the camp. I must look very very sick to her just now ...

I should take that MC leave tomorrow. No working Suzi, you understand?!!

PS: I did ask the doctor what had caused me the asthma attack cause I hadn't had it in the past 16 years. She replied, "Stress!" Hmm ... That must be it! Sigh~ I should go on a vacation soon!


izz said...

take care sis!!!
jangan kerja kuat sangat...
jaga kesihatan yaaa...:)

Suzila A said...

Thanks Izz. Sigh~ I think I've done my best for my health ni but in the end, semakin teruk pulak! :( Nasib badaaan~~

Princess Gizmo said...

Ling take care of your health first!! Check up lagi nanti!! Being healthy is the most important thing in our life as a teacher, right?? Bah take care ah.

ANIH said...

Bah sis! Make sure u're in a gud condition ah. Before dis BSC & other stuff yg menunggu u g.. Plz take gud care of urself! Tc sis ah!

Suzila A said...

Thanks girls *tsk*tsk* am touched hehe :P

I'll be fine, I'll be fine. I MUST be fine! :)

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