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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Heeee ... :D

I don't wanna say much on my day at work today (yes, I had no choice but to forget my MC leave today cause I gotta make sure the kids be present at Wasan). Just simply saying it's a long day and the drugs I took almost got me to sleep during a short meeting, erk!!

Well, what got me smiling so widely is I met Akinari at The Mall today! Well, he's not a famous kid for some people but I am a fan! At that time, Sharul and I had just left the Winmark Store when I saw him and his two friends going down the escalator. Once I told Sharul about him, he actually called Akinari! Yes, Sharul is a fan too! Heeee :D

Akinari and his friends were stunned when Sharul asked, "Akinari? The one in Youtube?" Hehe .. I would be surprised too if I were them! Akinari was like, "Yes ... (?)" Hehe :P So with that, I babbled, "Owh! I'm a fan!!" Then I kept on saying how good his work was and how funny he and his friends were. They were humble enough or maybe shy when Akinari replied, "Ohh ... Thanks for watching my videos."

When he asked me who I was, I introduced myself as "MizDolphie", the nick I use in my Youtube account. I was so glad he remembered me!!! Heeee :D He even recalled that I asked him to draw me a picture :)

Few months ago, I was surfing the net and found one of his great work in Youtube. He was drawing Avril Lavigne so I requested him to draw Rachel Weisz to see whether he could draw her and maintain her doll face in his drawing or not. The next night, Akinari replied to my request, which to my astonishment, was awesomely done! I did post his video in an entry. You can check it out here :)

Sharul becomes a fan soon after we viewed some of Akinari's videos. He's always wanted to meet him. Even last month, when there was an art show at The Mall, Sharul was asking me whether Akinari was one of the artists there hehe :D Today, finally meeting Akinari really made his day! Made my day too of course!! Heeee :D

PS: As we split up, Sharul then voiced out his plan to ask Akinari to draw a picture of us together one day. Hope that will come true :)


hazel said...

if i was FORCED to go to work (even i'm sick!!) i dont take any drugs. Tak boleh tahanlah, kena drive lagik!!

Suzila A said...

Yea betul tu. Luckily Sharul drove me to work today ;) I have to take the pills la Hazel. Gotta be fit before Sunday comes :S

You get well to yea sis!! :) I'd get asthmatic when I eat the 'asam'. Even my sister is allergic to it! She'd get asthmatic seconds after consuming it ...

izz said... he's the one in the video yg sangat pandai draw gambar2 tu...hemmm yaa i remember that entry...;D

Suzila A said...

Yep! You left a comment on that entry, I remember. Akinari is the one with glasses. He and his friends just completed their A'Level exam. I hope they'll make it! You should watch his Art video for his A'Level Art exam. Really cool! :D

Princess Gizmo said...

Yeehaaa!! U met another ur idol!! Hehe..

ANIH said...

hye sis.. ksian jua u t,pksa skip ur mc ah.. ermm.. bwa brehat2 jua sis ah..

Eyh..btw me cek ur post sal Akinari ah.. cool eyh ia mlukis ah!!

Suzila A said...

Princess ... Heeee :D Yup! Now I know how you felt when you met Rozi last time ;)

Suzila A said...

Anih ... Awu sis. TERPAKSA tu yatah turun padang jua kraja walaupun MC.

Yea! Cool kan!! Check out more of his work in Youtube! He's one talented fella I tell you!! :D

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