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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Then, Now and Then ......

Then ...........
We were the best there were
Laughter we had, others envied
Tears we shed, secrets we locked
With hands tight, we became close
Shoulders we lent, promises hold
Like sisters, we were "The Giggly Trio"!

Now .............
It's all different!

Space is what we desperately need
So what remains, will stay knit
What a shame, these all happened
None of us to blame
But THEM!!

Hope "Then" will stay remain
And "Now" will change
To "Then" that we became
And us forever sisters again ...............


MamaShasha said...

I am so sorry girls...:(

Suzila A said...

Beb! Cheer up! Am just letting out what we've missed.

All will be fine :)

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