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Thursday, 6 November 2008

A Date with Princess Scrapper

I'm sure you've met my close friend Princess Scrapper. We've been friends since we were 12 and though we lost contact for some time, we're still close as ever! What's better, she hasn't changed a bit, just that she's FUNNIER now hehe :P Love ya darl!! ;)

So yesterday we went out to the BCL Festive Fayre at the Cesar Grand Hall of Orchid Garden on the 8th floor. It wasn't planned till the night before. It was basically cause she's a great fan of Rozi the Artist. So it was a last minute date kind of thing. The entrance fee was $5. We bought a few stuff, and food, there! It was nice to spend a few hours looking at talented people's work. They're pretty impressive!!

Here's me and Rozi. You could visit her page here and I'm sure you will be very impressed with her talent too as the way me and Princess Scrapper felt seeing her work.

We also looked around the display tables and I had my eyes on these accessories .....

:( I didn't have enough cash so I didn't buy any of them huhu ....

Instead, Princess Scrapper and I bought a book each. Yea! A BOOK! I'm busy so she has my book at the mo. I let her read it and she'll lend me hers when I'm free enough to sit down and erm .. read! We also bought the pretty and yummy cupcakes by Jasmine. I wanted to take a few snaps of the cute cupcakes but their beauty was ruined when I accidentally dropped the whole thing on the floor as I was opening the door home. Luckily they were put in a plastic box! They may look less pretty after the fall, but they were sure still yummy when we had them in our mouth! ;)

A Moroccan colleague was there too. His wife is an artist as well, who's an expert in Mosaic tiles designs. We love her work too and actually plan to take her $125 fee of 6 lessons. Too bad I didn't take pictures of her work as it was a bit late. The exhibition closed at 4pm.

Princess Scrapper and I dropped by Bismi in Serusup before parting. I had a great day out with that girl!! ;)

Later on, I went to Tungku Beach for a breeze walk. I had consumed quite plenty of calories lately and besides, I need to keep fit for my upcoming camp. Yet I got distracted by the beauty of the sunset. It was just breath-takingly beautiful!! Hold your breath here guys!

I had a great day! I really did! :)


hazel said...

wah wah.. girls day out ye.. i pun minat rozi punya creation, superb!

Suzila A said...

Yea! Cool kan creations dia! You know what! She's Degree and Master in Book Art. No wonder kannn! :)

ANIH said...

hye sis!

I still rembember one of the photpgrapher ada b,ckp arh ku. Masa atu post ku aku stress and aku time ku stress a2 aku mengabil few shots lah. Masjd SOAS na salah ku.

Then ia ckp.. ia bila stress ambil camera nya and menggambar apa saja yang terpakai dihatinya. Kira maksud ku.. pegubat stress lah jua.. bila lagi nampak hasilnya.. sejuk jua hati..

Eh.. na tantu ckp ku sis.. *blur* hope u understand... hehe.. Ermm.. I love ur picture sis..tha sunset.. atu lagi pokok berangin. awan.. love it sis.. happening. and ada cerita tersendiri...

suzila a said...

Hi Anih .. Yea. I gotta agree to what that photographer said. I am not a photographer but as you can see here, I am crazy about the beauty of nature, especially sunsets. The beauty of it makes me at ease, especially now when I am a bit unstable with my love life huhu ..

Now I am starting to take pictures of clouds. Like what my friend Raheemah said, clouds show you images that make you wonder. Sometimes clouds make you try to connect one shape with another.

I'm glad you love the pictures I took here. I really really appreciate it cause you're a good photographer yourself :) I am still learning and the camera that I have is just a simple and cheap one. Kesian ahhh huhu ..

Check out your mailbox ya! I just sent you more snaps of sunsets and nature sceneries when I was in KK last March. Hope you like them all ;)

MamaShasha said...

uuwwa..aku inda kana bawa dating...nangis ku ni...uuuuwwaaa...

Suzila A said...

Adoyyy ... Jangan la nangis huhu ... Sorry dear. It was a last minute thing. Maya was concerned about your up-coming exam and since you're busy revision, she didn't ask you to help her ke sana but me saja.

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