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Monday, 10 November 2008

Lunch Out @ Mauri Villa

My Monday today was 'painful'. Not emotionally, but physically huhu .. But as I met Johnny and Lulu, we still got the CRAZY spirit-leftover and our time was filled with laughters over what we had yesterday! Lulu even texted me around 9am saying she was still in bed, with sore pain and numbs in some parts of her body kekeke :P Johnny on the other hand was alright, just a few bruises on his foot and he looked a bit weary. I didn't wear my contact lens today; the usual thing I do whenever I haven't got enough sleep hehe :P

The visit from Bedok Secondary School Singapore was a tiring one. Me and Johnny took part in picture taking then we split as I had to be in-charge of bringing the Singaporean kids touring the school and helping out the Counseling Section teachers with Ice-Breaking activities. It was fun, though it's kinda hard to instruct them using the standard Malay. Their main objective visiting the Sultanate is to expose themselves with our culture and learn the language. Am not saying that I don't speak Malay, I DO. It's just that sometimes it is much easier using English, especially with strangers. Besides, Brunei Malay is waaaaaaay different from the standard one, right ;)

Later on, the Malay and MIB Departments took charge of the visiting group. Johnny and I then zoomed to his department office, doing some picture savings of today's snaps. He gotta print and frame the pixies as a souvenir from our School to the Singaporeans. Then we left to Mauri Villa for lunch. Razak joined us.

There, it was really tasty. I learnt that the cook used to be working under Fratini's. The restaurant is actually a house, which they made into a restaurant with separate rooms. The photos hung on the walls sent the Italian aura together with the smell of spices that came from the kitchen, separated with a stretch of bar-like counter at a corner facing the entrance door. The service was also brilliant, having waiters who are really fluent in English. I am personally impressed with its Indonesian waiter who gave us his service. I seldom met Indonesians with perfect English usage so meeting one makes me really impressed! One of them is also an ex-student of Johnny's, who was then a bad a**. He also had given us his excellent service, making us feel like kings and queen. His command of English is also perfect! I am proud really :)

Having my camera with me, of course I took a few snaps of the restaurant, and the food!! They are delicious!! I should've ordered the Beef Lasagne as I kept on 'stealing' from Razak's plate hehe :P Mauri Villa. It's now in my list of restaurants that I'm gonna have for my birthday next year, IF Johnny didn't take us there first ;)

Me with a bucket of cheese :)

Later on, I went to the Ministry and did some paperwork. Danny was busy at his school so I just did all with HN and HA. All done in an hour, Alhamdulillah. I then learnt that Danny and I will have to do attachment work there so we could be around the team for preparation of our camping. One down, dozens to go!!

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