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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Back From the Doc!

Yikes! I knew it! Something must have triggered the attack. I hadn't had the breathing problem for like years. More than a decade even! Now it's attacking, I was like ... What gives??

So, I just got back from Dr. Asri's clinic (now it's Klinik Dr. Hj. Asri, huhu ... My bad!). I gotta admit, he's still good, though scary, erk! He's serious I must say. He started with asking what my problem was, whether I was pregnant or not (huh? Do I look THAT big?) bla bla bla. Then, the final question that he queried: "What have you been eating a lot recently?" People! I went ... silent!

Observing my blank state, he took out a piece of paper with a list of food that I should avoid consuming and with that he added: "You are allergic to peanuts so quit eating them!" still, not smiling. Erk! It felt like my dad was scolding me!

So, here's the list: (Princess Nashwa, it should be handy for your baby boy too I hope!)

1. Berries
2. Eggs
3. Soya Beans
4. Peanuts
5. Seafood

As the doc was checking my blood pressure, he was checking my skin, asking me whether I have got Eczema (skin problem) or not, also stating that, Asthma may cause this kind of skin allergy. Thank God I've never got it! I didn't even know Asthma attack relates strongly to Eczema. Hmmm ... Will keep that in mind.

Anyway, my blood pressure's high (erk!) and the doc was concerned. From my record, it was high too when I was last checked by him years ago (can't remember when though ...). So he'd like to see me again after I have gone better to have my blood pressure checked. Fuhh! Kabak2 eyhhh ....

Just took the cough syrup a few minutes ago (it's GREEN! Never seen such med before. I had black, red, pink, yellow but green??). Alhamdulillah, the cough's lessen, shhh! Jangan tagur!! :P

I also got the Ventolin Inhaler, which I called the 'puffer'. It's embarrasing when I referred the inhaler as the 'puffer' when I was requesting it from the doc. Luckily, he got what I meant. So he replaced the tablets with the 'inhaler' ;) Just took two puffs, I feel better already, Alhamdulillah :)

My eyes are heavy now. I guess the meds are working in me at the mo. Nitey nite people! Am gonna have a sweeeeeeet dream tonight :D Thanks for your concern. Love ya! Mwahz!! :)



Hai Darl,
Nice to know you went to Dr Hj Asri's Clinic...lupa ku mention to you pasal the clinic. Pasalnya..kalau hari biasa..kalau Shasha damam, aku selalu bawa ia ke sana.hehe...Sorry Ling...

Well, memang ubatnya sana atu lain dari yang lain...macam-macam ada.Anyway, may be masa ani you are in a deep sleep..mengasi tah kali banar ubat atu...hehe...anyway...Get Well Soon...

dismantleddoll said...

oh my...u poor thing :-(((

I hope u'll feel better soon. It sucks when we're allergic to things esp far i'm not allergic to any particular food la apart from milk LOL...lactore intolerant haha i'm so pathetic...Anyways...get well soon..take good care of yourself

dismantleddoll said...

btw, wrong spelling..i meant 'lactose' not lactore LOL.

Suzila A said...

Learning is fun? That's your other blog right? If I didn't see your pixie with Shasha, I wouldn't know it's you Mamashasha :)

Yea, was asleep when you posted your comment hehe. And yes, his med is waaaaaay different but working, so far ;)

Thanks for your concern darl *kiss kiss for Shasha* :)

Suzila A said...

Doll ... LOL. No worries. Am off duty now keke :P

I'm feeling much better now thank you. I didn't know I was allergic to peanuts till last night, erk!

I guess I've eaten too much Tapak Kuda this Raya. FYI, Tapak Kuda has that NUTELLA CREAM in it huhu ....

Thanks for your concern Doll :)

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