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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Been updating on the camp for the past few days. I guess I was just too excited with it! --> 'was'?? I 'am' STILL excited actually ;) Just taking a break to share with all my day today :D

First, my health condition is getting better, Alhamdulillah :) Still coughing but lesser than before. I also have found a great solution to releasing the pain in my rib and back. It's none other than the medical plaster TOKUSEN! Been wearing it the whole day, just changing the new one tonight. It's the reason why I haven't coughed much I think :)

The F.R. briefing that I attended was alright. The hall was so cold that I had to wear my jacket all the time, and left to the loo in between lectures! Luckily, I was sitting with Rahimah, Niza and Isda, my colleagues, and Louie sitting at the front, Rem at the back. Really nice seeing familiar faces in the lengthy hours of talks. And thanks to Isda for helping me with unclear info of the whatever was delivered at the front! :) The afternoon session was cancelled, so I had the chance to move on with my plan to return the Singapore flags that we borrowed to the Singapore High Commission.

Soon reaching the office, I counted and found out that we were short of 3 small flags!! Initially, I even couldn't find the 2 big flags! I panicked and kept disturbing Danny with my worries. Turned out to be, the big flags were folded (with the red coloured part faced up), put near our red and white first-aid kit!! Gosh! No wonder I didn't spot them in the first place! Both the flags and the box have the same red and white colours!! Danny laughed at me, stating that it was him putting the flags there, with the intention to let me SPOT them! NOT! Thanks Danny! Grrr!!

I went to Rizqun Hotel to ask them whether they had found the 3 small Singapore flags at the Songket Ballroom. The kids used the flags during the Closing Ceremony dance performance last Friday night. They just called me a moment ago, saying they didn't see any :S I begged them to look for them again. Dr. Fandy was even helping me looking for them at the Wasan Camp canteen but he didn't see any too :S Alamak!! So campers!! If YOU read this, please ask around and help me find the flags! We need to return it to Singapore High Commission SOON!! Is that oOKaY??!!!

When I reached home around 3pm, Sharul called. He told me the greatest news of all! No! Not the flags hehe. It's about me and him ;) He's just got employed by BLNG at KB!! This means that, me and him ... Ehem! Ehem!! Faham-faham lerr! ;) So before putting down the phone, he voiced out his 'plan' to make me officially his this April!!! Yeay!! That would be the BEST birthday present EVER!!! :D He will start working this week!

We went out tonight to celebrate. Been a while we didn't go out on a date. Ehem! It felt like I'm falling in love again hehe ;) Campers! Jangan ketawa! Miss HAPPY niiii!!! Heeee :D

We watched Los Dan Faun, a hilariously funny movie! We've always loved Afdlin Shauki and Hans Isaac. And after watching Susuk few months ago, I have become a fan of Adlin Aman Ramlie. And Ida Nerina is always the best!! She's funny in this movie but sexy at the same time. Fuhh! The most~!! You should watch this movie! It's worth watching! You'll roll on your tummy with your scream of laughter, I promise you :D

Oh yeah! Sharul also bought us the tickets of Twilight movie. Since I'll be having F.R. briefing the whole day tomorrow, which will be very tiring for me when it's finished, we decided to watch it this Friday, 5pm. And killing the time before the Los Dan Faun started, I dragged Sharul downstairs and he bought me the Twilight novel at Best Eastern. I know I am not a reader but hearing from all about how good the book is, I can't help myself from having one. Hmm ... I think I could finish reading it by 5pm this Friday, could I?? Hehehe ... We'll see! So far, I love Bella :) She's .... reminded me of someone. A friend, so I like her! :) Fred! Shhhh!!! Don't tell me the ending!! ;)

I had a good day today. What's more interesting is, it's 10th! 10.12. The date that Sharul and I were supposed to be celebrating our 7th anniversary ... IF we didn't break up last year.

After the great news, I texted him: "Waaah! Come to think of it, 10.12 is a lucky date!!"

He replied: "Yep!! 10.12 is the lucky day ;) I love you so much!!"

With that, I blushed and my heart sings reading his text. I love him still too :-)


Fyzah / Nurul said...

bout de flags, I think some of us bring it home kalie.. haha. not me but de others. maybe juaa..

FReD said...

Ziiiii... *shhh* I wont tell ya the ending! hehe.. Ziii.. Sweet jua Sharul atu!! Ure lucky to have him!! Bah kami tunggu ur jemputan in APRIL..!!! Send my regards to him.. and sorry for nda terlayan or tercakap sama him whenever he was arnd.. hehe..

from us the chaperons in general.. thanks to Sharul too for taking EXCELLENT care of you babe!! He's the one for u....

and.. congrats on the job!! All the best Sharul..!!

Suzila A said...

Nurul .. Alamak!! Please ask around and let me know who took it ok. I need to return the flags the soonest!

Suzila A said...

FReD .. Hehe :) Thanks babe! No worries bout 'nda terlayan or tercakap' with Sharul. He understands tu, trust me ;)

Owhh .. He sure looked after me well. He was around throughout the camp making sure I was alright, do you believe that! Ain't he sweet!! Heeee :D & yes, I am lucky having him but he's LUCKIER for having me for sure hehehe :P

Thanks babe! Pray for us ya and the official invitation in April will come to your door! That's definite!! ;)

Sigh~~ AMINNNN ..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your impending marriage and good luck.

Suzila A said...

Owhh .. Thank you Anonymous :) I hope it will work this time, Aamiinnnn ... :)

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