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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Back From the Doc II

Today, I had the appointment to the Chest Clinic, to have myself checked by the Chest Specialist. I had never felt so scared in my life as the time passed before the appointment itself. I couldn't go to sleep the night before even. My brain went on and on imagining things .. X-rays, machines, tubes, blood?? What I scared of was the doctor who checked me last time at the ER said that there was some virus found in my blood, thus causing the lungs infection. I kept wondering .. What virus? Where did I get it from? How did I get it into my blood?? These questions went on the whole night ..

When the clock ticked 2.15pm at the clinic (my appointment was at 2.30pm), my name was called. My height and weight should be checked before seeing the doctor. To my surprise, I lost 4kg, in just 10 days! I know I should be happy, since I have always wanted to lose weight, but to my disbelief, I was surprised actually .. And the first question that popped up on my head was: "Am I dying??"

I asked the nurse about my weight. She, somehow, tried to hide it. Maybe to save some face (mine actually) cause obviously, I AM overweight! She later on told me that an ideal weight for a 153cm tall is 45kg. I just nodded and walked back to my chair, with the question still playing in my head: "Am I dying??"

At 2.45pm, my name was not called yet. I became more and more anxious. I even took Sharul's hand and nudged him to the exit door. I seriously wanted to go home! He stopped me of course. He asked me whether I wanted him to accompany me seeing the doctor. I shook my head. I didn't think I'd be able to hold myself IF the doctor announced that I was actually dying of some kind of deadly disease. Imaginations really went wild in every tick of the seconds in the waiting room.

My name was called, eventually, at 3pm. A guy nurse showed me into a room. Sharul was behind me. The nurse was about 50 years old, wearing white and a 'topi haji'. The 20 minutes in the room was spent on him showing me how to breathe in and out properly and how to use the Ventolin puffer correctly.

First, he shut my nose with a clip and let me breathe in and out through my mouth. After a few minutes, he measured my breathing ability (through blowing slowly and later on, strongly) through a tube-like machine. Numbers appeared on the screen, with graph. Later on, still with clipped nose, he showed me how to breathe-in the Ventolin correctly. I did as he instructed, twice. Then, he measured my breathing ability again. He then asked us to wait outside the room.

While waiting to be called, Sharul still tried to calm me down, though I was feeling less anxious by this time. What the nurse had told me was really something I will remember, as a guide for me to keep myself healthy. He commented:

1. Ventolin puffer is just a 'reliever', NOT medicine to treat asthma. The brown puffer, the one given by the doctor from the ER in my last appointment, is ACTUALLY the medicine. I only inhaled once, as the effect was not as effective as the Ventolin.

2. The brown puffer or inhaler works slowly as it cures the asthma patients throughout his or her life. It helps widens the air walls of the lungs so the patients wouldn't find it difficult to breathe. 2 puffs should be taken every day, although the asthma no longer attacks.

3. All asthma patients have the same diet history: they don't eat fruits and vegetables. That includes me ...

4. Excess fats in asthma patients can be very dangerous as fats tend to block air from coming into the lungs, thus increasing the risk of asthma attacks.

5. Vitamin pills can be dangerous. It is much better to get pure vitamins from fresh fruits.

6. Doing exercise at least 5 times a week. This is to make the lungs work. Getting sweaty in a steamy room or hot temperature DOES NOT give the same effect as breeze-walking, jogging or hiking. The more exercise you do, the healthier your lungs are.

7. Never take crash diets. This is dangerous. A proper diet is to follow the right calorie intake daily and to have meals at scheduled times. No heavy meals after 6pm.

Hmm .. I think I have listed down all that I could remember from the valuable lecture given by the nurse. I am very impressed with his guidance and advice. Even Sharul learnt a lot from him. We both think he is not an ordinary guy nurse; maybe he's an assistant doctor since he knows a lot. He also told us how hard it was to catch up with His Majesty's strength in walking or hiking per minute. He used to be His Majesty's escort. No wonder he knows a lot ya!

In the doctor's room, I got the same advice. It was like a repetition. He checked my blood pressure, which was high, but he did know I was anxious so he said to have me checked again next time to make sure I have not invited another health problem in me: High Blood Pressure. God forbids!!

The (handsome) doctor also advised me to:

1. Avoid taking salty food to prevent myself from suffering high blood pressure.

2. I should also make a distance from smokers (my dad) and cats (also my dad’s).

3. My room should be cleaned monthly, if not weekly. This is to keep myself free from asthma attacks as dust is also one of the main factors causing these attacks.

4. My bed sheet also needs to be changed regularly so to have myself a free-coughing nap time.

5. And lastly, my pillows should be put under the sun to kill the bacteria that stuck in the pillows.

I am going to see them again on 10th March 2009, about 3 months after today. The nurse asked me to seriously watch my diet and he would like to see me 15kg LESSER by then. My jaw dropped open. 15kg?? In 3 months??!! The doctor smiled and added: "Try 5kg lesser then. You should watch your diet to beat your asthma." I nodded. Sigh~

Going home, I felt much better. Even now, I feel ... healthier! What's more, I am clean from any deadly disease that I was so scared of! Wild imaginations that is! Thank God I was only diagnosed of suffering from Acute Asthma. Though dangerous, but it is better than any other deadly diseases. Alhamdulillah :)

So, first thing first! Clean up my room (just did it!). Next, scheduled meals and 1000 calorie intake per day (I have actually started this a few months ago but got distracted over my camp and then me suffering from this asthma problem).

I can do it! Aza-aza fighting!! :-)

PS: Alhamdulillah ya Allah for your endless blessing on me. I have a caring mother and a loyal companion by my side. Alhamdulillah for giving me the time to breathe in your air again so I can still say Your name in my prayer and remember You in my heart always. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah ...

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