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Monday, 15 December 2008

Go Go Catalysts!!

And the winners are ..... The Catalysts!!!
Nanih won a ticket to Surabaya :)
A quick break at a restaurant ..
The winning teams :D

Well, here's the post, as requested, by Trasero a.k.a. my beloved best buddy :) The story goes like this:

*Incoming text yesterday afternoon*
From Danny:
"News. I'm so happy. I won ticket to Disneyland. Champion walk-a-hunt. You guys watch Brudirect & Ranoadidas & whatever. Ahaha Happy! K, bye guys!!"

So I replied:
"Wow! Congratulations!! :-D any empty seat for me to Disneyland?? Keke :P"

His reply:
"You know what! I team up with Akip. He's first timer. All my friends won. Saiful 13th place to Kuching. Harisman 4th place to K.L. Nanih 9th to Surabaya. Ahaha."

I replied:
"Waah! Hebat!! :) Congrats to all!! kambang si Akip!"

He replied:
"TQ! We're on news just now. I got so many texts coming! Ahaha .. All my friends. Happy eh. TQ. TQ."

My last text to him:
"Bah! I will check Ranoadidas later. Great news! :)"

So ... I did check Ranoadidas but he only included the evening meet and a picture of the participants 12 hours later on. So I didn't know much, just that Danny's team was the CHAMPION in the BSM Walk-a-Hunt. It also said that there were about 400 teams participated in this year’s race and among them was .... THE CATALYSTS featuring our own Danny! :)

Last night, I spread the news to the chaperons and campers online. Danny! The kids would love to join you to Disneyland!! :P Today, I visited the website again but too bad! The winner's pictures are not put up on that website. Sabar Danny! Ada karang tu ehehee :P Visit Ranoadidas for more info.

Once again, and I believe all campers of BSAC 2008, would like to congratulate our 3 men for winning the battle yesterday! And especially to our winner, Team Catalysts! Go Go Catalysts!! :D


Trasero said...

TQ ...

Sadly, the ticket only applicable for two. Should i have more, you can join me to DISNEYLAND!!!

Trasero said...

Haha.. Wow.!! Thanks for posting the news..Haha.. alum ada rah Ranoadidas or blablabla.. Jadi tah ada rah ~Suzila A~......Thanks again

Mr. J said...

Wow. Great job to all the chaperons who won!!! -mr zapin a.k.a fly boy is proud of u!!! wohooooooooooo^^

FReD said...

:) Congratsss Daniiii!!

Sanal said...

cher im not enjoy disneyland ahahahahha i hate it hahaahhaahahah

Ailluna Honey said...


Sir Danny!~ You're very lucky! Hehehe. Have fun in Disneyland yea. And take Mickey's signature for me. HAHA

Go Catalysts! I love you SIRS! =D

Trasero said...

Sanal....Jangan Jealous... Hehe.... Fred kan jumpa Siti Nurhaliza?? Jgn tah ke Dinawan Suzie!..Hehe Di bdr saja kamu

zuqi said...

haiii sir~just wana say congratulation!HAHHAA..okay sir..

Azwan said...

heloo sirr!! apaaaadaddadada!!!! hahahah... btw congratz sir, kita ke disneyland a... kalau boleh bwakn la ole-ole.. hahaha.. k, c yaaa when i c yaaa...

Hanz said...

YO sir... congrats.. sir ada dua ticket kn?? apa lgi sir.. bwa tia aku.. hahahaha... xp xp

Mizah said...

hye sir. . bawa aku!!! haha lol cograts anyway~~ bwa ' uleh2' hahaha, c yaaa =DD

Sanal said...

ahahahah i ve been there already bh hahahaha

FReD said...

Hehehe :p SANAL!! :p

FReD said...

Dani! Awo! Mudahan ada rezeki jumpa CT! Hehehe! Dani come join us before u go Disneyland!

Nanih said...

Congrates CATALYSTS ......... Horraaayyy Hong Kong Disneyland

Thanks Suzi .... ada jua our pic ah .... go go Surabaya pun Surabaya lah ...yg penting FOC ....hehehehe

Suzila A said...

Trasero ... Haha! Siti?!! Sorry ahh .. Tak minat! :P

Nanih ... Congrats to you too dear. Walaupun Surabaya, FOC mau tau! Hehe :P Wahh! Syok shopping nih! :)

--> Kalau Danny, habis-habis pun ya balikan aku kasut murah di Macau haha! Thanks Danny akekeke :P

Trasero said...

Haha Nanih..

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