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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Great Outing! Great Watch! Great Friends!!

It was a triple date. I had fun! Sharul had fun! Maya and hubby had fun! And Rena IS fun! Really nice knowing you Rena and thanks Maya for introducing her to me :-)

We talked about none other than Armie's SLR, which I have always wanted to have but just don't have the nerve to do so just yet cause I am still learning about capturing images. Something inside me keeps reminding me to hold back the guts to buy that expensive camera since I still don't have the talent in photography. Well, not yet! I believe that there are still more to learn in photography. I just don't wanna be a somebody who buys the gadget but doesn't know how to appreciate the beauty of Art in photography, like this story Maya told us tonight: she saw a girl in a wedding function using her SLR to take a picture of HERSELF!

I am not saying it's NOT appropriate. I personally believe that a true photographer takes pictures of OTHERS, not of themselves ... BY themselves. Get what I mean?? Vain jua tu!! If kan mem-vain, baik tah pakai camera biasa. Sayang saja membali mahal-mahal, get me?? Okay, enough of me pissing off. Just want to let go of my sasak-ness cause some people just do not know how to appreciate the true invention of expensive cameras!! Really frustrating!!

The four of us had dinner at Fleur de Lys at Qlap Mall and Rena joined us afterward. Aha! I am so glad learning that Rena is also into photography, just like Maya and hubby, and me :-D A great combination indeed!! Rena is my junior in MD. I liked her then and like her more tonight :-) She's sweet and soft spoken. What's more, she knows about photography more than me! How cool is that!! Besides, she lasts long with Maya so I know she and me 'click', just like me and Maya. I have the feeling we're gonna be in good terms for long ;-)

Then, off we went to watch 'Bedtime Stories' at an 8.40pm show. It was a perfect movie for teachers I must say. Creativity and belief in good ending are really important for us teachers! Well, also applies to others out there for sure. I rate the movie 8/10 :-) We laughed all the way. My favourite parts: when Skitter got drops of the gum balls, and the one when he got to listen to songs related to "fire" in every channel of the radio hahaha :P Hilarious!!

Of course we took pictures! So, enjoy peeps! ;-)

Lovely couple :)
Hmm .. Lovelier couple?? :P
PS: My baby is sad tonight. I told him about what the 'friend' did to me. I quote: "Sigh~ Parah ku tau semalam pasal atu. Macam putus cinta rasaku .." Ohh my poor baby! I promise! I won't tell our secrets to anyone again. EVER!! I'm sorry love. It's partly my fault too for trusting someone that much too soon :'(
Photographers in actions: Maya cleaning the lens .. using 'blotters'! ;)
Rena trying out the camera! She's cool!! :)Owhh we LOVE this movie!!!

PS: Just checked out Maya's post on our date tonight. Really babe! I am honoured!! Me, your real girlfriend? I am so touched!! You are my REAL girlfriend too darl. Thanks for being such true friend to me. Can't believe we've been friends since 1991. WoW!! Love you darling~ Mwaahh!! :-)


Princess Gizmo said...

I love you too!! Hahaha kalah org bcinta ni.. Anyway thanks for your treat on our dinner at FDL last nite. ;)

Suzila A said...

No problem! Anytime babe!! ;) Mwahz!!

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