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Monday, 15 December 2008

Hmm .. NOT Happy!!

3 reasons why I am not happy now:-

1. The flags! Finally found a printing shop that's willing to print 22 copies of it but turned out to be, they DON'T resemble the same colour!! Pudar ani wah!! Mental ku eyh!! Cost me B$100 and if ever I couldn't claim it, someone's gonna get hurt! I mean it!! :@

2. My exams are this coming Wednesday and Thursday but I can't seem to get what I have been reading!! No matter how hard I tried, nothing gets through my thick head!! Hmmph!! Frustrating!!!

3. Still coughing and it's killing me every single time! Can't even sleep tight these past few nights. I ended up sleeping in sitting position cause my back is still hurting. Tomorrow's my appointment to the Chest Clinic. Hope all will be fine or I will get angrier cause whatever's in me doesn't seem want to leave! Grrrr!!!


Trasero said...

I have asked International unit and Guess what!. YES you can claim your money back!... YEA!!!

Suzila A said...

Heee :D Thanks Dan!! Thank God!! YEA!!

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