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Monday, 8 December 2008

Leng's and Yatie's Birthday Treats

Okay. It's been a while I didn't update on the BLA+1. They understood cause I was busy with my camp.Now that it's over, it's time for pay offs hehhe :P

Yatie's birthday was last 20th Nov, which I had forgotten (sorry Yatie huhu) and Leng's was last 27th Oct (I had to ask Lulu this cause I am just too bad with numbers and dates erk!!). Yatie treated us yesterday at Ideal Restaurant while Leng treated us at Emperor's Court last 9th Oct.

For as far as I could remember, the day that Leng treated us, Lulu and I were busy with the camp's Opening Ceremony preparation. It was Sunday lunch time. We had to go back with the kids at 2pm that we rushed Leng to open her presents hehehe :P Poor Leng! There were surprises and the one that hit Leng the most was when we gave her a new set of cupboard (hers was stolen at work, God knows by whom!!). She was happy and found it funny at the same time kekeke :P

After sending off the Singaporeans last Saturday, Sharul and I went to have Ambuyat. I had hold my cravings for it since the group's visit to Ukong Sago Factory. Yatie texted me asking whether I was free the next day. Of course I was! The camp was just over! She invited us all for a lunch treat at Ideal Restaurant, facing the view of the beautiful Kampong Ayer. I was so eager to see the girls ... and boy, cause it had been ages I didn't see them! (Except for Lulu laaa hehe).

Everyone was there except Rahimah and 'Ain. 'Ain had just given birth to a girl. She must have texted me the news at my Prima line. I didn't even have time to pay my Prima bills! And you know with Prima, even if your credit was deducted sending text messages to the barred line, the owner would never received the messages, even after paying the bills! Now, God knows whoever had texted me cause I know I would never find out!

Well, enjoy the pictures! BLA+1 are now on vacations. Johnny has just got on the plane to New Zealand while Kiem to China with her family. Roslin, Leng and Lulu will be off to Korea, enjoying the Winter Sonata's sceneries there (with the snow!) from 15th till 22nd. While me, I'll be preparing itinerary for Johnny's German friend to visit here from 26th till 29th. He asked for my help yesterday when we met.

I'm thinking ............. Shhhh! ;)

Leng with her birthday card, designed by none other than our Lulu :) Hehehe .. Look at Leng! Ain't she cute with that tiara on her head?! We even made her wear hair clips on both sides of her hair hehhehe :P

Leng with her PGCE home-made certificate. This one 'with distinction' hehhee :P Courtesy of Lulu & Company kekeke :P

We had stomach cramp having this game created by Johnny! See the food in that plate? Well, Johnny spun the moving glass table and to whoever the food faced to when the glass stopped should have a bite of the food!! Here, Johnny had to take the food TWICE!! Hahaha!!

Group photo before we parted :)

Us yesterday at Yayasan Ideal Restaurant. The birthday lady is at the centre :)

Our tradition: a birthday BLA+1 also gives present to everybody. Woohoo! Hebat hadiah Yatie!! We got a photo frame with our picture and hers in it, and a 2GB pendrive!! Thank you Yatie!!!

Hehehe :P Always the cheekiest in the group. Yatie behind her presents hehehe :P

Guess why she loves this present! Cause it has a LONG tail!! Hahaha :D

Loving her album. In it shows her dozens of face expressions. Just look at the cover hehe :D

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