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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 - Part 2

1st Dec - The morning started off as early as 7.30am from Wasan. I didn't join the trip to Kampong Ayer and Proboscis Monkey Tour as I had agreed to give my seat to another chaperon, Yani. She would also be taking my seat to Temburong. My condition did not allow me to go to Temburong National Park as it could cause me problem with breathing due to the weather there in the thick green forest.

On the way to BSB to greet the campers at the jetty, Danny texted me to check whether our itinerary for the trip included the Proboscis Monkey Tour or not as the tour guide DID NOT stop by the mangroves area where the monkeys could be found. Speaking to Lulu on the phone, the tour guide had mistakenly looked at a different itinerary thus he did not bring the campers to see the monkeys. Luckily, the tour guide nodded to our request and the boats bringing the campers soon headed to where the monkeys could be sighted. As for me, I picked up Irman on the way to BSB, with Sharul driving, and as we reached the jetty, the group had just completed their tour. I asked around and I got positive feedback from everyone. It was great knowing even the Bruneian campers loved the trip, commenting, "It was fun!", "I never knew this side of Brunei," and many more. One trip down today, another one waiting!

At 1pm, the campers made their move through underground tunnel reaching the Yayasan SHHB. When we reached the top, it was pouring! The short walk and the cold weather had me asthmatic and weak. Sharul and Irman were worried so they urged me to get on the car instead of joining the downtown walk with the campers. In the car, I felt a bit better and I could see the campers in their raincoats walking in groups passing the road to visit the SOAS Mosque. The muslim campers had their Zuhur Prayer while the others looked around the beautiful site. Zimin did the explanation of the mosque, assisted by other chaperons. Me included of course! Oh yes!! You can't expect me to stay in the car! ;)

The campers then made their move to cross the road to the SOAS Field, stopping by the Giant Flag Pole. As they entered the field, I went on the car and waited for the group at the Kianggeh Market. Didi and Leziana were already there to show the campers around the market, also telling the history of the site. I bought 3 packets of 'Kueh Cincin' so the Singaporeans could have a taste of our local delicacy. I offered it to 2 Singaporean campers who were reluctant to taste it at first. But as a local camper suggested that it tasted like chocolate, they fought for a bite, only to find it not tasted like chocolate at all!! It was hilarious!! But they loved the kueh and took another few bites. Later on, I bought a big bag of 'Bahulu', which by the time reaching the Lapau, Afiq had only a few left in his hand. Afiq is a local camper, whom I called 'Joker' cause he's a funny boy!! Hehhehee :P

At Lapau, there was no one waiting for the group. The chaperons who were stationed there were missing-in-action so me and the other chaperons took over the place and did our explanation of the place. We took more photos then crossed the street towards the Royal Regalia. Another problem encountered was when we found out that the tour guide we proposed to be at present had forgotten her appointment with us. So, not to waste time, I divided the group into 2: I took the Red Flamers and Blues Clues while the other chaperons took the Killer Bees and G-cube. We went separate ways so not to have a big group all in one place. The tour took almost an hour.

By the time the tour ended, I couldn't find Irman anywhere. As the group was leaving for their ride home, I was told by our cameraman that The Crown Prince was going to visit the Wasan Paddy Field the next day, the same day the campers were going to have paddy planting. I told HN this and she nodded to it. The next minute, she voiced her disagreement of me bringing outsiders into the camp activities. Even letting Sharul waiting for me at the parking lot of Wasan Camp area the night before.

I was speechless cause as far as I knew, she had told me and Danny that whoever volunteered to help was welcome. She then warned me to 'work as a team'. I was stunned and not realising me raising my voice on her face, I replied, "We DO work as a team!". With that, she smiled, rather surprised I believe. The next hour, I was texting with Lulu and Danny over what had happened. Apparently, some chaperons were complaining about me bringing Irman and Sharul along the Downtown Tour. Believe me, IF HN did NOT say that 'We shall welcome volunteers', I wouldn't say "OK" when Irman offered to help me with the camp. As for Sharul's case, there were other 'outsiders' waiting in the parking lot of the camp site so what made that a difference??

That night, I didn't stop by the hostel as I had a dinner date with the ORT Team and the Director of Schools at Airport Restaurant at 7.30pm. Danny updated me with the night activities where the kids were taught to dance by Zimin, Didi, Leziana and Fendi for the Closing Ceremony. What happened that afternoon was well forgotten by then.

My health condition was better than when I was in the rain in BSB. But I had to control myself from talking too much as I would cough if I did. The dinner was great and DS herself was surprised seeing me, as I introduced myself to her, "We met yesterday." She was glad I am in the team as she had seen me work hard for the camp. Glad that a 'someone' knew that!! :) She congratulated me for our Grand Opening Ceremony. When I told her that our Bruneian campers only had 3 days practice of the stage performance, she was impressed, commenting that she almost cried watching the kids dance. I told her that our dance instructors were really good. She then wished me luck for the coming days of the camp, especially on the paddy planting where we could be meeting The Crown Prince :)

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