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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 - Part 7

6th Dec - I didn't go to Wasan Camp making sure the hostels and canteen clean as I had RIPAS Hospital appointment at 8am. Danny knew about it. I didn't have a good sleep even as the coughing attacked me more often than before. My rib and back was also killing me. By the time I got to see the doctor, he was really concerned. I requested to be forwarded to the specialist and he replied that he was thinking the same. So, my next appointment will be on the 16th. This time at the Chest Clinic. Before leaving, I had another oxygen support that lasted 30 minutes. Okay, enough of me!

At the airport, the Singaporeans were wearing red. HN then realised that the group actually had 2 sets of T-shirt. She then told me that the Director of Schools had consented on the next camp to have 2 sets of T-shirt instead of 1, like this year. We should take note of that.

Most chaperons were around, even Mr. Koh was there to send off the Singaporeans. Pictures taken and games played. The airport was full of our screams and shouts! By 5.30pm, Mr. Kim asked his group to packed up and get ready to go in. He then told me to get his number from Danny and made me to promise to come to Singapore to pay them a visit. He said he'd show me around and let me taste the Singapore delicacy :) So sweet of him! Before he left, he promised that he'd put more effort on the next Singapore-Brunei Adventure Camp 2009 as he found that we had put our best in this year's camp. I was touched knowing that from him. As for your info, Mr. Kim is one of the officers in Singapore MOE. I am glad that he was impressed with our camp! Way to go team!!! :D

When the Singaporeans made their move to leave, I told the Bruneian campers to sing the closing camp song. "Till We Meet Again" was heard and with that, the Singaporeans stopped and cried. After the chorus, some of the Bruneians shouted "Zapin! Zapin one last time!!". Jay and CH danced the move followed with claps by us Bruneians. Jay is an Indian while CH is a Chinese. Of course we were proud that they know Zapin, our Malay dance!! :D Soon after, all the Singaporeans ran back to us Bruneians and gave us their final hugs. This time all of them cried!! Gosh! It was so dramatic that I wished I had recorded them hehehe :P

Before entering, the Singaporeans sang their good-bye song. I don't know what it's called but they sang it too during the Closing Ceremony the night before. It made the Bruneian campers cry again. Even the SBC 2007 shed their tears! Among them were Jalila and Kinah! They've become so close in such short time ...

Lulu texted me later that day saying she spotted the Singaporean group at Changi Airport. She was just about to board the plane while they just landed from Brunei. Though the glass window was a barrier between them, it was crystal clear that they were happy seeing Lulu there. They made gestures of crying and thumbs-up. One of the boys was even showing off his bags of shopping hehe :P Lulu actually planned to send them off at the airport only to learn that her flight was actually at 8.55'pm', NOT 'am' hehhe :P She and her mom were at Changi Airport as early as 6.30am that day. Lesson's learnt Lulu ;) But good that she got to see them one last time there before she left Singapore :) We all missed her during the camp!!

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008: CAMPERS HEY! APPADAAAA!!! :)

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