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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 - Part 5

4th Dec - As I mentioned earlier, I had decided not to join the campers going into Temburong National Park as my doctor said it was dangerous for me. Knowing the effect I got at Shahbandar last time, I knew then that she was right. I gave up my seat to Yani, who had been a very good chaperon. She was even willing to stay at Wasan Camp taking over my duty looking after the kids.

Anyway, the 5th day of the camp started off without me. I went on the boat ride to Temburong with Sharul by my side - who couldn't get angrier over my stubbornness hehe :P. Irman fetched us up at Bangar Jetty when we reached there roughly at 3pm. I spent the 45-minute ride sleeping as there were only 6 passengers on the boat so there were enough space for me to lie down and take a nap.

Reaching the rest house, the group had just got there too. To our surprise, the rest house was under renovation and the group had been split up into 3: 1 group staying at the rest house itself, 1 group at Teratak Madu (15 minutes walk to Bangar), and 2 groups at Teratak Gaharu (10 minutes walk to Bangar). Of course this was a problem as dinner would be served at Department of Schools at the centre of Bangar. We didn't mind the long walk but it's the weather that concerned us. It had been drizzling that day.

Just before 5pm, the buses made their move to the Amo Long House. They did stop by earlier but the Tuai Rumah (head of the long house) said that they were not ready. By the time Irman, Sharul and I got there, the campers were already in the house, welcomed by the Tuai Rumah. The next hour, we were entertained by 2 Iban dancers: a boy and a girl, who happened to be the Tuai Rumah's children. Some campers and chaperons were dragged to the front to try the dance and it was really great. Towards the end, a whole group of both Singaporean and Bruneian campers went upfront trying the moves :)

Next, the Tuai Rumah welcomed us to his house while other members of the families welcomed another group. It was my first time visiting the inside of a long house and mind you, it was long indeed! The one that my group visited even had a room under the stairs! Before leaving the house, my group was served with 'lemang' (rice cooked in bamboo stick) by the owner of the house :) We left the long house just before the clock turned 6pm. Of course we took pictures and as usual, Yoke Wee wouldn't miss trying the traditional instrument, which I learnt was made from snake skin! Euwww!!!

I went straight to Irman's place, after buying dinner at a restaurant in Bangar, to take a quick rest. By this time, I started feeling cold. Temburong indeed had different environment and breeze. I started wheezing with the weather there. By 7pm, I called Danny and apparently, he had a problem with the caterer who catered dinner for the campers. I then suggested that we separated the food into containers so the food could be given to everybody in 3 split rest houses. Danny agreed and with that, Irman drove us to Department of Schools to check on the food.

Luckily, Irman knew the caterer. With his help, the caterer eventually agreed to send the food to 3 different places. Initially, he refused to Danny's request to do the same but I guess since Irman was well known in Bangar, he then agreed to do so. 5 minutes to 8pm, Irman and Danny took the food to Bangar Rest house, while the caterer drove me and Sharul to Teratak Gaharu and Teratak Madu.

On the way to Teratak Gaharu, the van's light shot on the pedestrians walking along the road. I didn't see them but Sharul did. They were Singaporean kids!! I was shocked learning they were walking in the rain going towards the town. As far as I knew, I did hear Danny's instruction for dinner at 8pm, NOT before 8!! As I was busy with the food at the back seat, I told Sharul to inform Danny what we had just found out via phone.

At Teratak Gaharu, Saiful was the first person I met so I asked him who let the kids walk to Bangar. He replied saying our officer from the MOE took the chaperons out for dinner at Bangar so it was impossible for him to stop them. With that, I apologized to him for it was obvious that he had misunderstood me for asking him on the matter. We then made our move to Teratak Madu. There, I found some kids and chaperons leaving the resthouse too! I could sense Mr. Kim was unhappy that he told the rest of the kids not to wait for them for dinner. Irman came a few minutes later and told me what had happened soon after Danny received the call from Sharul a moment ago.

They actually rushed to Bangar to see the group. Indeed, as Saiful had told me, they were headed by that officer of ours. Danny was upset, so was I. Not that we didn't trust the chaperons bringing the kids out but the least they could do was let anyone of us know before they actually left their accommodations. Anything should happen to those kids, Danny and I would be to blame as we were the Camp Commandants. Danny left the group after warning them to bring the kids back as soon as possible.

The night continued with me having a raw with a chaperon, who was among those bringing the kids out. I was disappointed as he took me wrongly. I wasn't trying to say that Danny and I didn't trust them with the kids but all I was trying to say was that we should be informed on whatever related to the campers in our hands. That chaperon ended saying, "Whatever rises in the post mortem, you don't have to worry. We will take full responsibilities of what happened tonight!" Sigh~ He didn't get me. All I asked was for them to report to us on anything relating to the campers, not us blaming them for any mistakes that they made.

Before bed, I took almost an hour talking to Danny on what had just happened. Danny was surprised saying that back in Bangar when he confronted them, they were scared and begged him not to report to HN of what they had done. I was right. That chaperon had always hated me. I sensed it since the Opening Ceremony even! Sigh~ So what gitu lho~~

Going back to Irman's place, he introduced us to his close friend who was paying a visit that night. Nasrol looked familiar and I think he was my senior in MD. We had a long chat right up passed mid night. We talked about many things and Irman was just funny with his jokes and remarks. He knew I was upset. I sensed that. Just before leaving, Nasrol advised me to be careful with pretentious people in my circle of friends. I was puzzled. Then on, Irman told me the truth.

The day the campers had the Downtown Tour in Bandar, Irman was no where to be seen after the tour in Royal Regalia. This was because he left in anger as one of the chaperons complained to HA of him as an 'outsider' whom shouldn't be there among the chaperons. HA, on the other hand, knew Irman and instead of asking him to leave, they had a long chat, ignoring the chaperon who complained! Irman knew he should leave so he did. I couldn't believe that this chaperon was the one who complained about me bringing Irman that day. He even dared saying,"I am not mad at you Irman. I am mad at Suzi for involving you in this!!"

Hmmph! What a back stabber! If YOU are reading this, gosh! I can't believe YOU did this to me! YOU know what kind of person I am. Why don't YOU try saying that to MY FACE next time dude!! Coward!! Oh in case you're wondering who this chaperon is guys, well, he was the one who were missing in action in Lapau station on the Downtown Tour.

Yup!! He complained yet I DIDN'T for him NOT doing his job!! Some friends!!! :@

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