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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 Opening Ceremony - Behind the Scenes II

Alright peeps! You've seen the girls backstage. Now it's time to post the boys getting ready for the show! Boys ... Be PROUD! ;)


david santos said...


Suzila A said...

Thanks David! Keep visiting coz more pictures are coming. LOTS of 'em ;) The kids are lovely and adorable! I miss the camp so much!!

Sid said...

EHEY!! atoya hensem muaku atu. hello cher~ ini saya si joker.

Aila said...

hahah teacher!~ Blh saya grab the pics? Haha si Yusrey kiut~ :P

Fyzah / Nurul said...

awuu yusreyy paling handsome~ ahhaa xp

Suzila A said...

Hey campers!! Yup! Grab any pix you want here, as you wish :D

Haha! Elo Joker!! Ooo! Ko panggil Miss VELACHAN ahh! Cheh!! :P

Suzila A said...

& Yes! Yusrey is the cutest here ;) Very well picked as the Prince :D

Aila said...

kiut nya mcm kucing! hahaha atu majal. :P

Aila said...

eh baru saya sadar abg hafizzam the evil prince

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