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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 - Part 4

3rd Dec - I had to stay back at Wasan Camp as HN and HA were staying to see Yuli while the buses bringing the campers made their move to Tasek Merimbun. Though I made it clear to them that Yuli had just left the site (I saw Razak leaving Wasan near the roundabout with Yuli besides him), they still wanted stories about what had happened the night before.

I briefed them all that I knew and HN insisted me on asking Razak Yuli's home address so she could pay a visit. Razak called soon after I texted him saying that Yuli was sick and she didn't want her parents to know. With that, I left HN and HA to go after the buses. Luckily, Sharul was still at the parking lot. He saw the buses leave without me going in so he stayed. Ain't he sweet!! :D

As I had to take my pills, we dropped by a restaurant in Sengkurong for breakfast. Again, my camp was on paper today, just like yesterday and the day after :) I guess everyone reading BB and Brunei Times were now sick of us!! Heheheee :P After breakfast, Sharul drove to Tasek Merimbun, with me snoring at the passenger seat :P When we got there, the campers were still in the museum, listening to a briefing of the park. As it was Sharul's first time there, he decided to stay to look around the park. I couldn't stop him and if ever any chaperons complained about him staying, I'll just leave them talk to Sharul themselves!!

Next, the campers had lunch at a hut facing the lake of Merimbun after a 45-minute jungle trekking. It was a beautiful park and the last time I went there was when I was in primary 5. Back then, the museum was not even built yet!! The chaperons chipped in a few dollars as the entrance fee to cross the bridge was $1 per head. The bridge was going to be launched this coming 29th which was built by the villagers. The bridge built by the government had long collapsed due to lack of care and maintenance. What a shame!

At the island that we stepped on, a villager briefed us that the island used to be a burial site where bodies were buried in big jars (came from China - back then China was the sole seller of jars in Brunei) and the one at the entrance near the bridge was about 1000 years old. Before, visitors could see bones and skulls simply by looking down into the buried jars but as time had passed, the jars now had been covered by the ground. Now the island is a popular spot for camping, picnic and fishing.

Walking back to shore, the group was entertained by the Dusun tribe. One of the fire officers came from this village so I had requested that he and the villagers played the traditional musical instruments to the group. The unique made of wood hut was crammed by both Bruneian and Singaporean campers. Yoke Wee, the Singaporean chaperon, tried playing the gong :) I remember back in Singapore last year, he taught me, Danny, Shiqin and Azrul how to play the 'Angklong'. He had us performed in front of the campers during the Camp Fire. It was great! :)

We made our move to our next destination, Ukong Sago Factory, after first dropping by a mosque for Zuhur Prayer. We reached the factory roughly at 2pm. 2 hours there, the kids and chaperons learnt a lot about sago and Ambuyat: how the rumbia tree barks were peeled off, how the tree was cut into pieces and how it was made into flour, then Ambuyat. 2 Singaporeans vomited tasting the Ambuyat but quite a number loved the taste and 'cacah'.

Before leaving the factory, the campers were surprised with the consumption of the rumbia tree's maggots by the locals. The next minute, more than half of the campers from both countries took the challenge to eat the live maggots!! Jasmine and Yoke Wee, the Singaporean chaperons also had a try, saying that the taste was NOT BAD!! None of Bruneian chaperons tried though heheheheee :P Over my dead body!!!

We left the factory with the campers saying out loud: "Thank you Mr. Yong ...". He was the owner of the factory.

I didn't follow the bus back to Wasan Camp as Sharul was still around. So I had my quick nap before tonight's rehearsal at Songket Ballroom, Rizqun Hotel. I texted Danny but I guessed he was busy so I texted Fred. She replied saying that they were having Ambuyat for dinner - which we were told it was cancelled since we had to go for rehearsal - and a number of kids fell sick! My heart jumped and I called Danny straight away.

Danny confirmed the news: 2 Singaporean girls felt sick after having Ambuyat that afternoon (the 2 girls who vomited at the factory), 2 were rushed to the hospital - 1 because of asthma attack and another due to bee stung in her hand. Our Bruneian Nurul had a head ache, Afiq had stomach ache after tea today while Bushran was feeling nausea after watching the Singaporean girls vomit! I told Danny to ask everybody to bring their identity card in case they felt worse reaching Rizqun.

The kids had their rehearsal roughly at 9pm and by 11pm, Danny had to stop the rehearsal as the next day all campers had to wake up early for the early Temburong boat ride. I had a quick chat with Dr. Fandy about the kids who got sick that night. He admitted he was surprised seeing a number of them feeling sick but was overwhelmed knowing that NONE of them were those who consumed the rumbia maggots that afternoon!! Fuhh!!


Aila said...

I don't mind tr~ More pics on the way! haha Wahh so many ppl got sick? :S

Suzila A said...

Yea .. I almost got a heat attack knowing that!! I hugged everybody when I met them at Rizqun that night. They must be tired and the weather was really hot that day ..

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