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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brunei-Singapore Adventure Camp 2008 - Part 3

2nd Dec - The campers were surprised knowing that they would be experiencing paddy planting today. The hot sun did not stop them from having fun! I had to go into the mud to teach them to plant the paddy as they'd plant one with other campers in front! In the end, the paddy they planted would be stepped on by those at the front as they moved backwards. Some of the kids played with the mud, throwing a wrist size to one another! Danny had to use the haler and said, "No mud fight but you can have mud spa!" Laughters followed his instruction heheheheee :P

An hour or so, all campers were called to leave the field. They did only quarter of the field, showing a good work by Yoke Wee and his Singaporean kids. "We'll come back in 3 months to harvest these!!" We all laughed to that. Next, we all had to walk along the paddy field pathways to have our muddy feet cleaned. The long queues of both boys and girls had finished the water supplies back at the factory. Waiting for the others to gather at the front field, we lined up near the street as we saw The Crown Prince pass us by. All of us waved at him and he waved back! Too bad we had to leave soon or else we'd have the opportunity to shake hands and take pictures with him there :)

After lunch at the Wasan Camp, the campers had their rest for an hour while us chaperons sat down and planned for activities after the Shahbandar Hiking activity later on. Luckily, I took pieces of coloured paper on our table at JSS that morning so I came up with the idea of a Team Race Challenge. Lulu came up with the Chinese Whisper Challenge, Yani with the Water in the Bottle Challenge while Harisman with the 'Kayu Tiga' Challenge. In the end, the campers had to complete 6 challenges crossing 6 stations with the help of the clues in the coloured papers. We had the senior campers to help us with the race :)

Leaving the Wasan Camp, it started raining heavily. I followed Lulu's car where I slept and snored, according to her hehehee :P Reaching Shahbandar, the Fire and Rescue Team was already there. As it was drizzling, I asked one of the officers whether it was safe to hike in that weather as Mr. Kim of the Singapore chaperons was worried. As it was safe to hike as the officer said, the campers had their warm-ups led by Yuli. While they were hiking, me, Lulu, Fred, Fairul and the senior campers had the 6 stations ready. The stations were:

1. The stools - clue: Hop like a kangaroo and pass the bridge - card held by Alex and Jalila.

2. Playground A - clue: Hike a few steps and slide down - card held by Kinah, Ain and Zirah.

3. Playground B - clue: Go into the maze and look for the next card - card held by Hassanal and Hanis.

4. In the maze - clue: Look for a guy with glasses for the next instructions - card held by Azwan and Din.

5. The grandstand - clue: The 'Kayu Tiga' Challenge - instructed by Harisman.

6. The pond - clue: The Chinese Whisper Challenge - card held by Lulu.

Once reaching the ground, the campers were in their own groups and given a half bottle of water (the bottle was cut into 2). I gave the instructions with the simple rules: 1. Do not spill the water. 2. Only finish the challenge when all the members of the group were at present. All techniques applied not to spill the water. By the time all challenges were done, it was already 5pm. The group gathered back to Playground A to have tea.

The campers left Shahbandar while I had to stay back making sure all the senior campers got home. Sharul drove me to Wasan Camp as I thought I should be helping out with the Closing Ceremony preparation. Besides, Sharul had got some of the props that I asked him to buy. My health condition by this time was bad as the weather was really cold. I started wheezing and though it was cold, I was sweating hard. I guess I had had fever! No wonder my doctor strongly advised me not to go into the Temburong National Park as it would be dangerous for me. Now I know what she meant ...

At Wasan Camp, I had the groups cutting boxes and painting cardboards for their folktale dramas onstage. By 9pm, Zimin, Didi, Leziana and Fendi took over the groups for the cultural dance lesson. While they were doing that, Danny and I had to settle a problem that was held quiet from the rest of the campers.

Yuli's condition was worrying. Right after hiking, she had herself alone from other chaperons and when asked what the problem was, she started crying! So, I called Razak, her boyfriend, who is also my colleague, to check on her as she refused to talk to anybody, even refused to have her dinner. Razak came with Syukri, also my colleague, and tried to bring Yuli home. She refused and we had to let her stay the night as we didn't want the kids to know the situation. Causing panic was not in our list!!

I went home, after cleaning the mess on tables and tiles with Dr. Fandy, using the kerosene bought by Sharul. The kids had spilled stains of paints everywhere! Gosh! What a headache today!!


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