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Monday, 22 December 2008

Suzila is Still Tired ...

Hmm .. Dunno where to start. Was a hectic weekend really. Last Friday, I drove my mum and sis to Limbang. They had to buy these cupboards and such. Mum bought a wardrobe and a pretty cool kitchen cupboard. I'm not sure what my sis bought .. but she did spend B$2k there, phew! As for me, I spent the hours waiting in the car. I didn't even bother to withdraw any cash. 1. I am broke. 2. I couldn't be bothered. 3. Dude! What to buy in Limbang?? Cuba tia!!

So, I spent the whole time waiting in the car while they went shopping. The only time I went down was during lunch. What did I do in the car? Yep! Was reading "Twilight". My comment so far? Hmm .. It's an OK book and as a linguist myself, I found the book simple. Easy to read and absorb shall I say .. For a grammarian (which I am still learning) I couldn't help spotting some mistakes there. But without doubt, I do love the story so far and I adore Bella. As I said, she reminds me a lot of a friend I just knew :-)

Ok, enough of Friday. Saturday was a fine day. At 10am, I met Danny and Ratna to check on the Camp's report. Yes campers! We also do our report, a longer, thicker and more detailed report that yours. The meeting at Desa Cafe was short and by lunch time, I went home. The exhaustion over hours of driving the previous day was now filling me. I could feel the pain from my waist down. Soon reaching my room, I doze to an afternoon nap. Our cousins were already checking in at Empire Hotel by this time but the thing with our family is, if our mum has not moved her ass to anywhere, especially to any family functions or gathering, we'd stay home forever! So since mum was at home looking after my feverish Azri, I took the time napping.

At 7pm, we were finally at Empire. Our room was 2611 at West Atrium on 6th floor. It was a suite so it was kinda big that could occupy 7 families mingling and hanging out there! We were Ambuyat-ing, nibbling numerous dishes and snacks while watching TV at the living room. The kids were playing football in the bedroom. Yep! Hectic it was! The girls? Hmm .. Nowhere in sight! All that I knew, I lost my camera that night!! Grrrr!!!! The Ahmads left at 12am. We just didn't stay overnight there, except our little sisters and brothers.

The next morning at 11am, I had a date with Anih and her nephew, Haji Aiman. He just got home from Haj so that's why the treat took this long to offer. You could check here why I treated them lunch yesterday ;) Sharul came along. He just couldn't resist Capers hehe :P I think we had 12 different dishes while listening to Haji Aiman's stories on his Haj recently. Really inspiring and calling :) Maybe Umrah is the answer to my honeymoon destination? What do you think baby?? InsyaAllah yea .. Aaminnn ... Before parting, I lent Anih my "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" novel and she gave me two containers of biscuits and some Patchi chocolates. Yummy!! Thanks darl~ :)

Later on at 3pm, I picked up Yanti and Jimah, my cousins, and went to Nanih's house. Danny led the way. We promised Danny to help Nanih to decorate her brother's hantarans. They really thought we were experts but nooooo we're not! We only came to help la Danny!! Can you imagine! They even asked how much we charge the decorations each! Embarrassing! Simply embarrassing!! Huhu~~ We started decorating from 4pm till 8pm and we managed to do, I think, 10 hantarans ... not so sure! Was too tired to really count!! Huhu~ Nanih gave us a scarf's clip each before we left. Yanti treated me and Jimah dinner at Ah-Antai Gadong. These girls ahh! They didn't tell me they hadn't had lunch that day!!! Grrr!!! Kesian ehh lapar dorang ... Danny! Baik ko lanja dorang nanti!!

My Sunday didn't end there! I just realised that I hadn't proofread our report that we discussed on last Friday. So I spent the rest of the night, and dawn, checking it. By 4am, all was done. Today, I was supposed to have another meeting with the chaperons at 10am but I was too sleepy and tired to go. Besides, I had done my part so basically, with me there wouldn't affect anything. I e-mailed the files to both Danny and Ratna. Thank God they understood. At 12pm, I left home and went to see Sharul. I had promised to accompany him to KB to take his uniform. Well, as you might have guessed, I spent the hour sleeping in his car. I was so exhausted. Extremely exhausted.

At KB, Sharul had himself measured. Apparently, he's too big for the XL uniform (hehe I had to bite my lips from laughing at him kekeke :P). He will start working under Adinin Company on 5th January 2009. His probation will take 3 months to complete and he will be stationed at BLNG, wherever that is!

After all was done, we dropped by the Jubli Recreational Park so Sharul could have his lunch. I took the opportunity taking pictures of the beautiful place. Was it a lake? I wasn't so sure but it was indeed a beautiful sight! Some people were fishing, others were just sleeping under the sheltering huts. I observed there was a surau too. I will upload the pictures I snapped in the next post. Waiting for Sharul to finish his meal, I couldn't help planning for my next camp there ^_^ We left the park just before 3pm and I continued napping all the way back to Bandar. Peeps! I have the deepest sleep when I am a passenger in the car. Really deep sleep!

We dropped by a restaurant in Sengkurong (darn, I forgot the name!!). This restaurant has the most unique menu! We ordered Murtabak with Cheese and Eggs and Murtabak with Indomie. Strange? Yep! But wait til you taste them! Nyaman brabiz!! I had Tea 'O' with it. From the restaurant, we left to Qlap Mall to watch Jim Carrey's "Yes Man". Love the movie. Made us laugh. At 7pm, we went home.

Now, just talked to Ratna. Gotta stay up late again to proofread and edit the report. So far, we have 35 pages altogether, excluding the appendices and pictures. I think it could reach 45 max. All applause goes to Ratna for a job well done. I wonder whether all campers have submitted their reports or not. No updates so far, except from Hani and Faten. Hmm .. Frustrating!

PS: Counting days to Dinawan ... Sigh~~


ANIH said...

full schedule darls.. fuhh~ but njoying jua ah walau tired. N thanx again ah for tha treat. nyaman aku suka jua.. keke. N thnx for minjami aku novel ah..sdg membaca th ni. :p n pemberian ku yg tak sepertinya ah.. glad u like it.. ur welcum my dear.. ;D

ANIH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzila A said...

Hi darl~ Yep! My life is all about waking-up and engaging myself with this and that. Can't really stay put. I go nuts if I do!! Even staying in bed, my brain can't seem to rest.

Now I'm thinking of the continuation of my short story "Untold Story I". Somehow I lost track of my so-called storyline huhu~ InsyaAllah, will be able to do part II soon :)

Suzila A said...

And Anih .. I hope you love the book! Please pass it to Hj Aiman. It should do good for him like it does to Sharul :) He learnt a lot from AAC :)

Nurul said...

cer, sweet couple ehh teacher ma Mr.Sharul aA..everywhere teacher jln, mesti ada.. eseh~ hahaha..

Suzila A said...

Ehem! ;) Do you think we deserve the "Couple of the Year" Award?? Hehehe :P

Nurul said...

yeah you really2 deserve.. wow.. batahh tuee teacher aA.. hahahha... so sweett~ ahhahah.. jealous ku meliat.. HAHHAHA... xp kidding~

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