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Friday, 12 December 2008

My Friday Out With Sharul

I only had a few hours of breathe-easy feeling after a massage yesterday, recommended by a colleague, Isda. When I got home, happily, I saw mom wrapping souvenirs for my brother's Berbedak Ceremony (which is gonna be in June, so obviously I was surprised). My other siblings were nowhere in sight, except my elder sister watching TV with her G.O. notes in hand. I sat next to mom and started wrapping too. She said, it's not 'early' anymore to do all the preparations. Well, what else can I say ... Mothers!!

By after 9pm, I got tired, and started wheezing again. I wondered, was it because I had stayed up late again?? The wrapping papers were out so I excused myself to bed. In my room, I felt weaker, with coughs and back pain. I went to bed and woke up in between sleep coughing. The puffer was always in my grasp. At 5-ish, I texted Sharul of my condition, only to get his reply in the morning around 9am. He was upset for I didn't go to bed early. How do I know I should be in bed after the massage? If I had known, I wouldn't stay up late just to get this hurting feeling again! :( He did go down to see the masseuse again to see whether I could re-do the session again today but it could only be done tomorrow. Well, tomorrow it is. For the time being, I've no choice but to let this pain stay :(

We went out as planned. We met at around 4pm, dropped by Rizqun Hotel to talk to this guy named Fendy. Apparently, he had lost my number so he couldn't update me with the missing flags. As we had to go (we had bought tickets to watch Twilight at 5pm), we promised to come back at 7pm. Then on, we went to watch the movie.

It was awesome. It was the first English movie I watched after reading its book (well, I don't manage to finish it by 5pm today). It felt so good watching something I am familiar with 'mentally' as I had visioned every detail of occasions through reading the book. It felt so nice that Sharul would groan over me commenting, "Aah! That's the truck! Owhh! THIS is Eric! Mike! OMG! That's Edward ..." bla bla bla .. Hehehe :P At the very last, he nudged me within whisper, "Finish that book and pass it to me, get it!" He's not upset. Just a bit annoyed :P

I love the movie! Though I now know the ending, I am still gonna finish reading the book. Fred even told me last night over MSN that it's a MUST watch movie. It made her cry, she confessed. I almost did, the part when Bella said to her dad, "I don't wanna stuck here like mom!" God! I can imagine how the Chief felt at that moment! Sigh~ Good guys often get treated bad. What did her mom see in Phil, I wonder, when Charlie was such a nice and caring husband! I was more absorbed in the Bella-and-Dad scenes, rather than Bella-and-Edward's, though my heart missed a beat watching Edward bringing Bella on that speedy trip over the trees viewing the beautiful landscape of Forks. I whispered, "How romantic!!" Sharul chuckled to my remark. Cheh!

The rest of the movie was awesome of course. Except for the four ladies behind us! No, NOT ladies! I'd say b*tc*es!! Can you imagine! They'd giggle to every single moment that Bella and Edward was together and they'd grow louder when the two kissed!! Even when Edward was helping Bella to take off her coat when she paid a visit to his place!! I was like .... Eh KAMBANG BINI-BINI NYA!!! KEBARUAN MELIAT FILEM URANG PUTIH BECIUM PAKAH!!! Sheesh!!!! :@ Sharul was annoyed too but being a gentleman, he tried to calm me down every time I almost lost my temper. C'mon! Who wouldn't!!! Grrrr!!!! :@

Later on at Songket Ballroom, Fendy showed us the way to the backstage. There was a wedding so we couldn't just barge in the room looking for the flags. I looked highs and lows for the flags backstage but couldn't spot any. Sharul and I then begged him to ask whoever was on duty in the banquet hall to get back to us the soonest, in case they had found the flags lying around the ballroom on the night of the camp's closing ceremony. I left, disappointed, wondering whether any of my campers had taken the flags home ...

After dinner, we went to this shop and I bought a pair of blue jeans. It's once every blue moon I bought something as expensive as $40 for myself. Downstairs on the ground floor, there was a bazaar ranging from furniture to computer stuff. I had always been looking for laptop skins of dolphins but always failed finding one. In the end, I bought an $8 blue+cloud+scenery background, only to find a dolphin laptop skin sold in a shop a few meters away from it! It even cost 20 cents cheaper! Of course I bought the dolphins one! So now, I have 2 laptop skins! Sharul's gonna help me glue it on my lappy tomorrow :)

PS: Going to send off the flags to Singapore High Commission tomorrow at 2pm. So campers, IF you have the 3 flags, return them to me before then okay. Don't worry. I won't get mad at ya! But I WOULD if you return it later than tomorrow, that is, after I am being scolded by the High Commission people tomorrow ...... Oh God, please help me!! :S

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FReD said...

yes ure rite.. the bella-dad scene atu pun very touching! It broke my heart... :'(

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