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Sunday, 22 February 2009


Sharul's grandpa passed away today at dawn (5.25am). I just got back from the funeral. Alhamdulillah, all went well and smooth by 10.30am.

I breaks my heart every time remembering him asking me and Sharul about our wedding. He had always wanted to see us on the aisle. Sorry grandpa ... :'(

He was a very nice fella. Quiet and sweet. Sharul and I always took him to his appointments at the hospital and every time, we never failed from teasing him :) We'd comb his hair and take him to the barbershop. When he's done, we'd tease him saying how handsome he looked. He'd just smile at us. Such sweet moment to remember.

When he found out Sharul was going to study in Perth a few years ago, he was upset. But when Sharul came back, he was the happiest among all. Sharul took his grandpa out whenever he had the time. Just before he fell sick, he requested for Ayamku fried chix. He could be a spoilt when he was with Sharul :)

I couldn't help crying seeing my baby kneel down and kiss grandpa for the last time today. It was rather a while, a few seconds taken and I could feel Sharul's heart broken to pieces at that very moment.

May Allah bless grandpa's soul and place him among those with Iman .. Aaminnn ... Al-Fatihah ...

PS: Gotta cancel my ambuyat dinner date with the ORT Team and Dr Laura later. I want to attend the tahlil at Sharul's uncle's instead.


Princess Gizmo said...

Al-Fatihah... Sorry for your loss :(
Kirim salam Sharul dari kami 2 ok?

izz said...

salam takziah buat suzi n sharul atas pemergian antara orang yg tersayang...

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