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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

When Eyes Met, the Hearts Melt ..

Two hearts pray with hopes within
Laughters kindly tickle the silence
Hearts surrender to deepest desire
A glimpse of him is always a cure

Far apart is always hurting

Missing someone is always aching
A glimpse of a loved one is firely soothing
The sight of him is always calming

Though apart and voices unspoken

When eyes met silence beholds
As lovers breathe the air of love

The hearts melt a complete whole


ANIH said...

so sweeetttt...!!

panya ada th sambungan nya ni sis. haha. I tot sparuh atu sja. Sdh ku buat tdi arh gmbr kn ku tauz arh album Sentimental value.. ku delete tia. Nti ku msuk kan smua nai ah..

nice eyh.. wish I can make one someday. *i mean in english lah :p *

Suzila A said...

Thanks :) Ku buat tarus lapas the 5 verses tadi ah. & I just checked your 'sentimental value' pieces tadi. Lawa2 jua ah :) Ajar ku cemana membuat words atas pictures nanti ahh *malu* Nda pandai ling huhu~~

Pandai you nanti tu. Keep trying and always keep it flowing :)

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