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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Coping with @#$%&!!

I don't get it how some people could just let go of things that they are supposed to handle or take care of. I don't understand why some people who're supposed to do the work on request but dump it on other people to finish up. Even worse, feel good about it when they get all the praises from the so called boss. I really can NOT understand how these people can live happily and NOT feel bad doing all the $#^%@&^ at all!

January had just gone by and it seems that February is gonna be long gone before I know it! Really peeps! I can't believe we're in February, ALREADY! Looking back, I really can't believe I spent last month mostly with all the work that's dumped on me!

Yesterday, during a short briefing, I was dumbfounded when another job was dumped on me, without me being told before the meeting started! Why is this a big problem? Coz I am the assistant! I believe in discussing matters TOGETHER rather than the jobs dumped on me WITHOUT prior notice! I know my job is to assist but in my little dictionary, 'assist' means 'helping' or 'polishing' the work that's done WITH the leader, NOT me doing all the !@#%$%^ PER SE! Shessh!! It's really getting on my nerve!

Today, it just got worse! When I was still doing the dumped task, I got whispers about an authority felt upset over my spoken anger about some colleagues who were not cooperating in the department. It was obvious that I wasn't directing it to 'the authority' but somehow this person complained to my head, who passed it on to me. What did the head do? Told me to apologise that's what! I mean .. What the !%&@#*!!!! It wasn't even my fault!!

So I said, "I wasn't talking about X. I was talking about those who didn't do much last time!"

The reply? "Yes I know that," (nodded) "But X really feel bad about what you said."

Pissed, I said, "Why did X tell you that? Why didn't X come and say it to my face?"

(Giggling) "Well, it should come following the hierarchy .."

Me: Hierarchy my @$%#$%@!!

So it was obvious that I wasn't even 'protected' in here! I was even TOLD to apologise!! Now tell me, what should a leader do in this case? Especially when he/she knows that his/her people are NOT guilty?

Told me to apologise??? I just can't believe it!!!

With that, another task was dumped on my desk again. I was just ........... speechless!


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