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Friday, 6 February 2009

My Baby's 1st Shopping :)

I was tired, as usual after work. My baby called in the afternoon on his way back from KB. It's his pay-day today so he needed my help to do some shopping for his family. I know! Ain't he the sweetest thing! :)

We did the shopping at Soon Lee Lambak. It's his first time shopping so it's kind of new to him. Somehow, I did most of the choosing of stuff for the kitchen and toiletries. It's funny cause I'm used to shop for 11 people but now, had to do for 6. I wonder how would it feel like shopping for only the two of us (next year, I hope) ;)


SuperMummy said...

Hi sis..siuk eh soping sama baby ah. Jeles i haha. 2weeks lagi yow,tuhan saja tau ni rindu nyer i haha. Bah take care darling ah,klw ke tutong jgn lupa aku..btw ill give my emel add lah sanang jua he2

Suzila A said...

Hi SuperMummy! Owhhh 2 weeks lagi? Wahh! Nda sabar2 nih!!! ;) Nda kerasahan tu ling. Pejam-celik2, di airport tah u nanti tu ;) Layan saja tia kerenah Superkids atu hehehe :P

Awu, nanti if ever I go down to tutong, ada ku bebunyi tu :) Take care sis! Mwahz!! :)

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