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Monday, 2 February 2009

Not Happy!!

There are things that are making me unhappy recently. For sure, I hate going to work now. Never in my 5 years of working experience that I ever felt this way. I seriously feel that I am being sabotaged at work at the mo. Or maybe I am just sensitive over minor things that's why.

I hate going to work!

I hate the workloads!

I hate being sick!

I hate feeling this way!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Hey there..Sabar daling.. I also hate to go to work now!! I want to have a very very long vacation!! Hehehe.... Inda paham aku ah udah jua cuti december ah hehe..

But,but,but, it wasn't enough!! We should have like 2 months break!! Woohooo!! Then I'll be happy like Or should I put it this way I'll be lazy like a cat? :P

Suzila A said...

Oh yes! Votes for 2 months break! No! No! 3 months!!!!

Sigh~ Stress ehhhhh!!!! :(

izz said...

sabar cool... jangan stress sangat...
smile... ;)

Anonymous said...

Salam... For u..... :)

Luahkan jika ia menguntungkan,
Tapi ianya membinasakan jika hanya untuk diri sendiri;

Fikirkan jika ia diharapkan,
Tapi ianya merugikan jika hanya satu kepala;

Padamkan jika ia menyusahkan,
Tapi ianya menyakitkan jika hanya diri dipersalahkan.

Diharap ianya dapat memberikan idea dan nafas baru dalam mengharui kehidupan & pekerjaan kita.

hazel said...

i hate going 2 work b'coz i hate wake up early morning, liat sungguh.

Suzila A said...

Hi Izz! How are u sista?

Sigh~ so far, it's really hard to cope with the workloads la sis. Too many things to do in such short notice. The weather here is also not helping u know! Been raining hard and it's affecting my health. Plus the stress, I am not fit. Emotionally, I am not happy! I really hate going to work nowadays and I hate feeling that way :(

Thanks darl for the kind thought *hugs*

Suzila A said...

Salam for u too Anonymous..

Walau diluah hati tetap gundah,
Tetap membinasa tika memakan diri;

Walau merugikan kepala tetap berfikir,
Hati berharap bila semua akan berakhir;

Walau api kemarahan cuba dipadam,
Kekecewaan dihati tetap mengganggu;

Walau kesabaran semakin menipis,
Siapa lah aku untuk menepis.

Thank you Anonymous. I hope I've answered you there. Thanks again!

Suzila A said...

Hi Hazel. Yes. Waking up in the morning is very difficult sometimes, especially when you're sick of the works dumped on you! & rejecting is just out of question! Sigh~~ :(

Anonymous said...

try taking 5 minutes extra in shower

Suzila A said...

Anonymous ... Tried that, did that! Had my reflexy. Even massage and SPA. No effect still huhu~~

Thanks anyway. Usually it works! Maybe it's an exception now. Over the top sudah my patience I tell you!! Grrr! :@

PS: I had my long prayer one night. Finally talked to God with tears streaming down my face. I woke up feeling better the next day, Alhamdulillah :) I guess only that works at the moment..

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