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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Coping with @#$%&!! - Part 2

I couldn't sleep last night so while waiting for the eyes to shut, I continued reading the weeks-untouched 'Twilight' novel. I was so content with the part when Edward was confessing his feelings about Bella in the woods. I must say, that is the only part in the book that I enjoyed so far. Personally, it's slow but getting better towards the end. Or maybe I was just not in the mood of reading after what happened yesterday at work.

Well anyway, I did go to bed about an hour after that, yet waking up still feeling bad about the whole thing. I guess, my brain wasn't really sleeping after all. I still stayed in bed after the Subuh prayer, trying to figure out how to handle the situation I was trapped in. I finally got on my senses and put aside my inner ego (yes, we women have that too!) and decided to handle it professionally. I texted Mas, thanking her for her advice and told her what I had planned to do.

I was late to work, partly coz of what I was feeling and obviously, the road was wet due to the pouring rain. The traffic? It was really bad! I took a peek at X's office, but the room was full with other colleagues. February is still hectic at work. Then after 8am, I finally saw X alone.

Me: Y just told me. I'm sorry for what happened at the office last time (shook X's hand).
X: (puzzled)
Me: (still shaking X's hand) I'm really sorry. I meant it to other officers, not you.
X: Owhh (finally understood what I was babbling about) .. It's OK ..
Me: You're like a parent to me. I wouldn't want to hurt you. I'm sorry but I wasn't upset with you last time ..
X: No .. No .. Really, it's OK Zi. It's alright (smiling).
Me: You were not even in the committee list. Why would I be angry with you? So sorry you were offended ..
X: (hugged me) No Suzi. It's OK. Don't worry (still smiling).
Me: (hugged X back and went teary).
X: (smiled) It's alright. Don't worry about it.
Me: Thank you (smiled back)

So ... the rest of the day at work, I felt better. Just that, now I am still lost why in the world Y told me how offended X was over the whole thing. Especially when X didn't get it the moment I apologised over the whole thing ..

Hmmm ... still coping with @#$%&!! Sigh~~


Princess Gizmo said...

Gosh!! You need to calm down sis. Talk to someone okay? I understand how u feel working under stress been there done that. I'm sure it will pass okay? No more worries after this keep your head clear & smile always, best thing you can do laugh :) so grab some comedy & laugh :D

Cheer up, darling :)

Suzila A said...

Gee thanks Princess. I need to go out more I know. Trapped at work really doesn't help sigh~

Hey, come online will ya! Miss talking with ya! How are you by the way darl? Hope all is fine with you too :)

Thanks! *hugs*

Rem Basikal said...

Gawshhh I think si Y is just wanting some drama so she's trying to make u guys have some sort of misunderstanding that wasn't there at all. Cehh.. Iatah membari sasak nie manusia suka buat ceta ani ishhh... They are not content until menyuruh urg bekelahi nda pedah2

Suzila A said...

Rem Basikal ... Hmm .. I'm still speechless. Been trying to figure out what Y is up to! really heart-breaking working with this kind of people. What's more, when these people are your ATASAN! :S

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