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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Stress to the Max!

I am not happy, still, and even making me to consider quitting the post I'm holding. Even make me to consider transferring to other work place! The pressure from the workloads - the last minute assignments and unclear instructions - have made me suffer inside out! The pain in my left shoulder is back, maybe due to long hours of sitting down. My headache is still here, also maybe my eyes have suffered too much light coming from my laptop. My neck .. it's killing me! I've been sleeping with extra pillow to support my neck so it wouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night due to the pressure. I pray it's not my blood pressure! I haven't gone to the clinic to have my blood pressure checked or measured. I just don't have the time.

Today, I missed a meeting that I was supposed to attend at the Ministry. The memo was just not in my pigeon hole the last time I checked it at noon. I only found out about it a few hours ago from Salwa. HL did text me about the meeting but since I haven't gone to the DST counter to pay my bills - yes, I haven't got the time to do so - so all texts sent to my prima line apparently do not appear in the inbox. The fax? It's not the first time this happens. Many times my colleagues complained about the delay of the memos they received. Thanks to our clerks! HL understood my situation. After all, she was my head before so when this happens, she'd comment, "Oh, biasa lah!" Yes, it's that bad! Grrr!!

What upset me again today was when I was assigned to be an MC for an up-coming meeting. It's upsetting cause the person who should do the part is going to do something which .. I dunno! The whole assigning parts for the conference was just .. ODD! I burst, the 2nd time this week! I just can't take the pressure anymore! Even so, another report should be done a.s.a.p. - a departmental achievements so far. What makes it more and more annoying was, I do not have the details of all the staff's courses or conferences that they have attended. Why? Cause I am NOT The HoD! Enough said!

Yesterday after the HoDs meeting, Leng and I felt so tired with all the info from the boss, also with more and more workloads, so we decided to have a quick drink. At Cherry Cafe, I had my late lunch, Leng had her tea and bread. It felt so good to finally sit back and relax, though it was only for a while. Then again, we couldn't escape from talking about work. And of course the pressure we're facing at the mo. It's just so bad this year that we went silent in the end. Words couldn't describe how stressful we are .. Sigh~

I just got back from a dine out with my sayang. For a moment there, I felt at ease. I didn't whine at him cause obviously, he's tired from work as well. We had our dinner quietly while watching the American Idol 8 selection show. Thank God Twelv has that comforting sofa so it felt like watching TV at home. He's working tomorrow and it's gonna be a long journey to KB. Yet, he didn't mind spending the time with me. He's my sweetest! The sugar for my tea, the honey for my waffle :) Thanks sayang..

Owh, we also went out last night, to the movie, FINALLY! He passed his induction - he got 70% for the test yeay! - so he treated me to the movie. We watched "Inkheart". Though we were 10 minutes late, we enjoyed the movie. We left with red eyes, both tired and sleepy.

And I'm sleepy now. Good night sayang ...


Anonymous said...

Suzi, u want to move to the office kah? I do have friend whose looking for EO for her section. If u mau u leave your email kah or phone no so i will let her know.. Tapi jangan high hope... :)

Suzila A said...

Hi Anonymous .. Gee thanks! I actually have experienced working at the office and it's a different kind of environment. In fact, I still go there now and then when they want me to. Thanks for the offer dear. I think I need more experience down here to actually go up there :)

I will be at SR Delima Satu tomorrow in the afternoon. We're having a road show for primary school teachers, basically on teaching reading with ORT. Dr Huxford from UK is presenting her findings. She's been here since January. Feel free to drop by ok :)

Again, thanks for the offer. I don't think I am 'that' good to be 'up there' yet :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzi, good to know your honest answer.. I'm just trying to help you coz u keep on complaining about ur work lately hehehehe.... Actually I'm quite concern with your health lately... ur stress and so on... could be harmful.. Take care dear... Btw, I wish I can meet you at SR Delima esok but I'm not in Brunei at the moment... ;)

Suzila A said...

Hi again darl :) Thanks a million for your concern. Yea. This year is hectic and it's still February. I am really considering talking to the boss soon. My mum is really worried about my health as much as I am.

Owh, so you're not here at the moment.. Continuing your studies? :) Hebat ehh!! Hope all is well with you there ya :) *hugs*

PS: So sorry for asking. Are you the same Anonymous I've been talking with? I hope we can meet one day :) Thanks again for your kind thoughts my friend :)

Anonymous said...

:) Are there another Anonymous? hehehe.... I'm the one yang buat 'syair' hehehe.... I'm attending seminar sebenarnya. Be back in a few days time... Ya... hoping one day we can see each other. take care from *syair*

Suzila A said...

Well, there was a girl named Aleya, also an Anonymous. I wonder how she is now.

Ok then. From now on I shall call you "Syair" ;) Hehehe .. Thanks again! Take care always. & enjoy seminar! :D

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