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Friday, 20 February 2009

Fast Friday

I wasted my morning in bed, didn't even have my Subuh prayer. I forgot to set the time. My body is aching all over after yesterday's long day. We had made it to scene 9 of the drama performance for next week. I was extremely tired ..

Today, I met Leng at Qlap Mall before 2pm. We managed to get some props for the drama. Just before 3pm, Johnny joined us at the nearby Hua Ho. We dropped by Red Canopy for tea. Well, late lunch for Johnny :) He paid for our orders, as always! Thanks Johnny ;)

From there, we left to visit Rahimah and her new baby girl :) The 3 of us chipped in the price of the gift. The funny part was, we didn't even know what was wrapped in the baby bag! Johnny ordered the baby presents and his friend wrapped 'em all in a pink baby bag. So, of course we told Rahimah to open the presents :P She understood coz in BLA+1, we used to have turns buying birthday presents for everybody but most of us only knew what's wrapped on the day of the gathering itself hehe :P

So, the baby's name has been decided: Nurul Fatin Batrisyia. A very nice name for such chubby baby! She was just about to have her afternoon nap when we came. Just after we had a look at Rahimah's new Mercedes Benz (it was out a day before baby Nurul was born), we were ready to leave. We took a few pictures but too bad, my camera was out of battery! Am waiting for pictures taken by Johnny. He managed to take pictures of baby Nurul smiling and pouting hehe :D

PS: Rahimah will be back to work on 11th April. I whispered to her: 10th is my engagement! She was of course happy to hear that! I always confided in her when it came to my love life :)


Anonymous said...

Hello there!,
Landed exactly at noon today :) U getting engage in April.. that very good news Suzi... I'm happy for u.. :) *syair*

Suzila A said...

Hi *Syair*

Welcome home :) Yea, thanks buddy. Pray for me ya :)

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