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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Make a Difference!

I don't wanna say much but DO watch this! We can make a difference ..


Anonymous said...

Suzi, the movie ingatkan aku my pra voct student, Zaki.... payahnya Allah saja yang tahu mengajar ia and class atu. But that was 7 years ago.... now ia yang repaired my house kalau ada kerosakan, I just dial his no, surely he will be there.. But my dear Suzi, payah lagi kan mendapatkan perasaan camatu dengan keadaan murid, workload, colleagues, yang ku rasa getting harder, challenging everyday :(

Suzila A said...

Oh yes.. Tell me about it! Sometimes I wonder what happens to the kids nowadays. They just refuse to cooperate, which makes it very difficult for us to help them. Sometimes I spend many hours with one kid, just to help him. Turns out to be, I get nothing back! It's very frustrating. We were NOT like them when we were their age.

May Allah make us stronger.. Aaaminn..

ANIH said...

Touching ling~

menerima & menghargai and nda give-up! Mudahan ada lagi yg cmatu msa ani ling!

Suzila A said...

For the record, I am like that *kambang* but true! Giving up is NOT in my diary. Yang penting, nawaitu yang betul. Too bad the kids now DO NOT see it. But alhamdulillah some do cooperate and see how much I want them to be 'someone' in their future. Of course, with a lil bit of psychology here and there, it works. Even yang gangsters now can produce some paragraphs of writings after they finally listen to what I am babbling about :)

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