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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dizzy Sunday *sigh~

My day started with me facing my lappy. I got several paperwork to be done as at TODAY *sigh~ the migraine that's been attacking me is still here :( I guess, it's the pressure and I just hope my blood pressure is not that high that might have cause me the 5-days headache ..

So, my morning (and partly my afternoon) was spent on completing:

1. Minute of departmental meetings - I've missed doing these since the 2nd meet. Since we have the meeting every Tuesday this year (yep! SINCE January), imagine how many minute records I had to do today *sigh~ Thanks to the extra workloads!!

2. A report of a professional development course I attended last week to Research and Evaluation Department (RED) for filing - Lulu offered to do the report but she's got other admin commitments to be submitted tomorrow to the boss. Besides, I'm her head so I know I should do the part. Thanks anyway Lulu. And thanks for your understanding --> both of us had some time off wondering where had our January gone to .. We still can't believe we're in February ALREADY!

3. Yet ANOTHER dumped task to me by Y late afternoon yesterday. I couldn't say 'No' as it was passed on to me in front of the no.2 boss.

I spent my Sunday today roughly 6 hours doing all the paperwork. By the time I was about to do task no.3, I decided to stop. I've had enough and at this very moment, I am thinking of talking to boss no.1 about it. Y was told to do it and to be submitted to the boss on 10th Feb. Why do I have to do it instead?? Besides, my brain couldn't take the %#%^# no more! It's just too much!

Thanks to my sayang. We dined out today, just when my uncle and aunts paid their visit at our crib around 5ish today. Before I left, bungsu asked me a 'soalan cepumas':

Bungsu: Ji .. bila tah ko betunang? (When will you get engaged?)
Me: (taken aback) Err .. balum ehh .. Yanti dulu .. (Not yet .. Yanti first ..)
Mit Yah: Napa eh? (What is it?)
Bungsu: Inda .. Aku tanya .. bila ya betunang .. (Naah .. I was asking when she's getting engaged)
Mit Yah: Jadi? Bila tah? (So? When's it gonna be?)
Bungsu: Katanya Yanti dulu! (She said, Yanti first!)
Mit Yah & Bungsu: (nodded)
Me: Left the table *blushing*

Sigh~ Well, the plan is still ON though. Me and Sharul plan to get engaged this coming 10th April. The initial plan was on my birthday (15th April) but I have to consider the time cause it is a working day and the only time it can be done is in the evening. I don't really like the idea. Besides, Yanti plans to get engaged on 16th April. So, I guess, our elders will be very exhausted if I insisted on having mine on the day before hers.

After all, 10th is always our monthliversary. And it's on Friday. We plan it to be after the Friday Prayer. I guess it shouldn't be a problem after all .. hopefully. We seek everyone's prayers and blessing .. Aamiinnn ...

Our dine out today was not a good one! A family of 4 was really noisy! We did move to the other part of the MOD Restaurant but we still could hear them chatting, especially the wife! Gosh! So loud eh the family!!! I wonder how the house would be like!!

From MOD, Sharul dropped by Akhbar Ria Restaurant to tapau the Cheese+Egg Murtabak. Then off we went to Hua Ho Mall nearby. I had my Maghrib at the surau there (which was disppointingly SHARING with the men erk! What's worse, it's small!).

My sayang must have noticed my upset mood. Guess what he did? He bought me a bag!!! :D Thanks sayang! I love it!! Now I have a handbag a.k.a stationery case! ;) By the time I got home, my relatives had just left. Whoops!

PS: I left my phone at home. As I got back to the table, I read a text from Y informing me of the forwarded emails about MORE DUTIES Y passed on to me. Surprise surprise! The Emails started off with "Dear HoD". Guess who's the HoD?!!

*Sigh~ really guys. If ever .. IF EVER smacking is permitted at work, I'd do it first thing tomorrow morning when I see Y at the office!



Anih said...

darls... bah bila brtunang ah :P sound2 ah.. ;)

Suzila A said...

InsyaAllah 10th April :) Sure! Jgn saja nda datang hehe :P

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