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Saturday, 14 February 2009


I was late! Thanks to my mum. I had to pick up Mit Yah on the way to the workshop too. By the time we reached SR Delima Satu, it was really hard to get a parking lot. I'd to block someone else's car. HL and R welcomed us at the school hall. I didn't expect the big number of teachers in the workshop. Dr Huxford was already on stage delivering her speech on EPPS - English Programme for Pre-School. I didn't do much. Just being a key personnel for the day.

At 3pm, the group split into 4. One of the groups was a session for the Year 1 teachers. I learnt a lot in such short session. It's embarrasing though. I am one of the key personnels who are working with Dr Huxford but honestly, I haven't done much, except for the ORT Reading Programme that the 7 Angels (the nick we got from the DS) ran last year.

The session with Julia and Karen was very helpful! Lulu and Suria! I'll share with you two how to handle your Level 2 kids ;) Owh, I also requested R to invite Julia to share her knowledge on phonics, which will surely help our weak Level 2 students. I actually talked to Julia and invited her for a sharing session with my colleagues :) Apparently, her son is a dyslexic so it kind of makes her getting involved in all the work on phonics to help him. Since it works, she's been sharing it with all. God bless you Julia :)

My mum finally met HL, my mentor, during refreshment. My mum knows how I look up to HL and when she finally met her, she now understands why I always do. The short moment they had chatting, all HL talked about was her duties after joining the office.

I shook my head when my mum said to HL: "I'm worried about Suzi. Look at her eyes! All red with black circles! Now she's got asthma attack too, after many years. Every day! Every day after work she faces her computer. She's got nothing else to do at home but work work and work!"

Now that was embarrassing!!! What did HL say? "Don't worry! She's alright. She's still young!" and winked! That's MY mentor! I don't think I could ever be like her! What I am complaining about so far is NOTHING compared to what she does EVERY DAY at work. I can never be like her! Never! Huhu~~

Before we split up, HL hugged me and squeezed my thigh-sized arms and commented: "You're busy but still ... (squeezing my arms harder)" Yea okay HL! I know why she said like that! Ever since she'd joined the office, she's lost weight and has gone slimmer and shall I say .. sexier! ;) But me??? Chis!!! Huhuhu~~~

I left before my mum and aunt. I killed the time snapping pictures of the school. I couldn't believe the path I used to stroll onto still exists now. Even the garden, though it's much much better looking now compared to the time when I used to play with my friends back then. The classrooms used for the workshops today were also used to be the ones I spent my primary years in.

The pathway to the hall. I used to hang out here with my friends, playing games: 'Main Tiang' or 'Simban' :)
The hall. Can't believe I came back here to where I had my PCE :)I spent most of my break times in this room: joining the Computer Club. I still remember the typing skill: 'ASDF - AJKL' hehehe :PThe pathway to the classrooms I used to study in: Primary 3 and 5 :)The garden. Nice eyh! ;)
The block I studied in: ground floor (Primary 1), 1st level (Primary 3), and 3rd floor (Primary 6) :)I used to take our books from teachers' cars parked here ;)

Yes. I was a student of SR Delima Satu :) It's nice to be there again. I took a while today standing at the back of the hall, measuring its size that was 'big' to my eyes but 'small' today, and the 'huge' stage where I used to receive my annual prizes and performed a choir with the Primary 2 students during Parents Day. It was very very nice, though touching at the same time.

I'm sure my mum would be feeling the same. She used to teach there in our primary years but Mit Yah and her were too busy worrying about the new phonics lessons following the SPN21. It's gonna be throughout the year! Hehehe ... Besides, my mum is kind of annoyed cause she's gonna retire this October. Now, with the overloading courses, she finds it too much!

Well mum! Welcome to the club!! ;) *hugs*

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