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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Irman's Nite!

I got Irman's text about tonight some time last week. He's joining the RTB's Simfoni Tanahair 2008 under the Contemporary Songs Category. It's his first time participating and he managed to go to the semi-final. I'm proud of him! :) What's more, I had fun tonight.

Out of the 10 songs competing, I'd say, 7 of them are really good to the ears! I'm amazed with our locals' talents. I love this particular song by Osmali Othman "Ku pergi Selamanya". The song's about her lover who's left so suddenly. I shall say it's the best among all. The back-up singers have made it sound more like the El Divo version and if you love them, then you must love this song too! I just couldn't help myself from crying listening to it. Sharul of course mocked me!! Cheh!

I do hope Irman will make it to the final. His number is more like a Michael Jackson's beat ;) The audience went wild when his song's sung onstage. Irman and his other 3 friends, one of them is my neighbour (yep! Brunei is small!), were the back-up singers. And yes, I also hope Osmali's song will get to the final too! :)

All the best guys! :)

PS: Still no sign of my camera cable :( I did take a lot of pix last night and I can't wait to share 'em with all ...
PPS: I got this link from Lulu. I wonder who the English lady is. I was an SMBian. Too bad when an Orang Putih viewed SMB like that ...


FReD said...

babe! bring me to the FINAL nanti ah! Osmali memang handal.. and i trust his music!!!

Suzila A said...

Yea. I agree with you! I remember him conducting our choir team to 1st place back in college. He's very talented! Love his music too!

Sure! I'll let you know when am going k! We can go together-gether! ;)

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