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Friday, 13 February 2009

Thanks to Anonymous a.k.a. *Syair* ;)

Just wanna say "thanks" to *Syair* for her/his kind thoughts. I am touched.

Sorry peeps for all my whining and complaints. Just need to let it all go in here. My sayang is busy with his new life, career-wise, so I just don't wanna burden him with it all. I think he's also sick of my 'typical' complaints cause every time we met, he'd say, "What did Y do this time?" whenever he saw my long face. So .. Yea! You guys gotta bore yourself with all my whining in here sowwwiiieee!! ^_^

Again, to Anonymous, thanks for your concern and sorry. I must have mistaken you with another Anonymous by the name of "Aleya". I wonder where she's gone to. I think I've bored her to death like I did to Anih today whoops! Hope all is well with you Aleya. The same goes to you *Syair* :)

Once again, thanks a million! Just sharing with you this. This could help whenever seminar is boring:

A blond boarded a plane to New York and insisted on sitting at the first class seat when she was actually holding an economy class ticket. All efforts failed on asking her to her less prestigious seat when she stubbornly replied: "I'm blond and beautiful! I should be sitting at the first class!"

The hassles caught the pilot's attention so he went out to see what was happening. Learning the situation, he approached the blond passenger and whispered something to her ear. A moment later, she picked up her bag and went to where she should belong.

The flight attendants were amazed and asked the pilot how he could persuade the girl to her seat. The pilot replied: "It's easy! I told her first class passengers are not going to New York!"

Cheers! :)

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